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The new b-hive Communicator interface.

Now that we’ve officially released the new b-hive Communicator, let’s take a look at the new features and how to get set up and running with the app.

Getting started 

To begin, make sure you download the appropriate version for your desktop and mobile device: 

Windows: download.broadvoice.com/communicator.exe  

Mac: download.broadvoice.com/communicator.dmg 

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/b-hive-mobile/id1567625340 

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.broadvoice.communicator 

Or if you prefer, you can work off the web version of Communicator from anywhere: chat.broadvoice.com 

Log in 

To log into Communicator, you will need to use your b-hive email and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, simply click on the forgotten password button and use your email to set up a new password. 

Select your preferred settings 

Once you’ve logged into the application. Toggle over to the settings button—the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner next to your name—to set your settings. From here, you can adjust audio preferences, notifications, and other settings.  


Here are a few of the most common settings you will likely want to play around with: 

Enable Only Direct Mentions: toggle this on if you’d like to see message notifications only if you’re directly mentioned.

Pro tip: You can also mute notifications at the contact/group level by clicking the notification bell. 

Enable Incoming Calls: toggle this on to receive inbound calls into Communicator. 

Enable Notification Sounds: toggle this on to enable audio notifications in addition to visual pop-up notifications. 

List Conversations with Unread Messages First: toggle this on to move your unread messages to the top of your recent history list. 

Enable Desktop Notifications: toggle this on if you’d like to receive pop-up notifications for messages and calls directly on your desktop. If you do toggle this on, a separate box will pop up on your browser asking you to “allow” or “block” notifications. Select “allow” to enable notifications on your computer. 

User interface 

Once you’ve selected your desired settings, head back to the homepage. On your left-hand side, you’ll see five icons for chat, video, voicemail, fax, and directory that can be selected to take you to those specific areas. 

You’ll also notice three icons at the top of the screen that allow for a shortcut to create a chat/SMS, phone call, or group message. When you select any of those three blue buttons, you will be prompted with a directory where you can choose who you’d like to add to your chat or call.  

Chat/SMS message 

You can chat with coworkers within your company or you can add any phone number to start an SMS message. Simply enter the phone number, add your message, and push send. Your customer or client will receive the message and the best part is that it will come from your business phone number! 

Phone call 

To start a new call, simply click on the phone icon and select your contact from your directory or add a number. Select call and your phone call will be initiated. A softphone interface will pop up that will mirror the typical phone interface you are used to, making it incredibly easy to use. 

Group messages 

You can also easily create group messages by selecting the icon with multiple chat bubbles. Once you click the “+” icon, you’ll see the following screen. From here, you can name the group message, add members, and even include a description of what the chat is about. 

Seamlessly switch from chat to a phone or video call 

If you’re in the middle of chat with a coworker and you feel like you need to discuss something in more depth or that it would be easier to collaborate via a phone or video call, you can seamlessly switch communication modes directly within the same screen. 


To do this, navigate to the icons underneath your name. Click on the phone icon to start a phone call or the video camera to start a video call. It’s that easy! 


Don’t forget: all of your recent communications will live under the “Recent History” dropdown on the homepage in case you ever need to go back to reference anything. 

Multiple ways to start a video meeting 

There are several different ways to initiate a video call within the new Communicator app. If you are in the middle of a chat, you can select the video icon under your name to start a video call. You can also click the three dots next to a contact under your “favorites” dropdown and then select the “start video conference” directly from the pop-up. 

You also have the option of toggling over to the video icon in the very left-hand panel to start an instant video call or create a scheduled meeting.  

To create a scheduled meeting, select the blue “Create Meeting” button and the below screen will pop up. From here, you can personalize the meeting by naming it and inviting users. You can also select whether you want it to take place instantly or at a later time, and if it should be public or private. 

When you select “create a meeting for later”, you will be given a unique meeting URL that you can share with your guests, so they can easily join the meeting at a later time. 

When your guest goes to your unique URL, they will be placed in a “meeting lobby” so you can admit them once you’re ready. 


Once you’ve both joined the meeting, the video conference will resemble the below. You have the ability to mute or unmute yourself with the microphone button. And you can also choose to turn your camera on or off, depending on your preference.  

To further personalize the video experience, you can select the settings button—the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner—to choose your specific preferences. 


You also have the ability to share your entire screen during the meeting simply by clicking on the “present” button in the lower left-hand side of the screen.  


Once you’ve finished presenting, click “stop presenting” and you will no longer be sharing with the entire group. 


Check voicemail & fax directly in the app 

On the left-hand panel of the homepage, you’ll also see icons for voicemail and fax. Now, you can check your voicemails and faxes directly within Communicator. Previously, this feature was only available in your b-hive portal, so now there’s no more switching back and forth between the different portals! 


Introducing the all-new mobile app.

Now with the new b-hive mobile app—available on iOS and Android devices—you can carry your conversations with you. Place calls, send texts, video conference, and collaborate with your teammates—all from your business phone number, right on your mobile device. Connecting with teammates has never been easier!

b-hive mobile app

Simplifying your workflow 

Remember, Communicator was designed with you in mind. You can start a chat or call with a single click of a button and seamlessly switch between different communication methods depending on whatever suits you best, all from the same platform. 

If you won’t take our word for it, go try it out yourself! Follow this helpful guide to get started and reach out if you have any other questions. We’re always here to help. 


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