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Combine calling with your CRM.

We’ve paired our b-hive cloud PBX communications platform with Salesforce, so you can manage your funnel, build customer relationships and leverage calling features using b-hive directly within your Salesforce instance.

CRM and calling features.

There’s no need to change the way you work. b-hive Cloud PBX integrates into your current Salesforce interface, giving you the ability to communicate and create a more personalized customer experience using advanced calling features.

Inbound Record Matching

Inbound Record Matching

Automatically matches incoming calls with customer records stored in Salesforce.

Click to Call

Click to Call

Call a customer directly on Salesforce by clicking on their phone number.

Create Records

Create Records

Create new records on demand so employees can quickly open a new case or log a new lead.

Notes and Dispositions

Notes and Dispositions

Add notes for calls on the fly and track your conversation status with custom fields. 

Call Logs

Call Logs

View both inbound and outbound calls through your Salesforce account.

Call Recordings

Call Recordings

View and download customer recordings directly from customer records.

Keep track of conversations.

Simply click to dial directly from a contact record in Salesforce. b-hive will record the calls so your sales and service teams can listen to calls directly from Salesforce for accurate record-keeping and/or training to improve customer interactions.

Simplify data entry.

Make a call, log a case, or enter a new lead. It’s that simple, b-hive Salesforce phone integration automatically matches incoming calls with customer records stored in Salesforce, triggering screen pops with key customer information and provides the ability to create a record on the fly, removing the need to toggle between systems.

Keep accurate call history.

b-hive Salesforce phone integration will automatically log inbound and outbound calls including call time and call recording at the record level in Salesforce.

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b-hive for Salesforce is available for pro seat customers with Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Essentials for Performance Plan.

More resources.

Explore b-hive and Salesforce in more detail.

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Salesforce Integration Guide

A guide for integrating b-hive and Salesforce

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Salesforce Quick Tip Video

How to sync b-hive call records with Salesforce. 

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