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Broadvoice’s Education and School Phone System Solutions2019-03-18T17:16:29+00:00

UC capabilities and features are only a click away

Powering a connected campus

In today’s digital-savvy world with multiple modes of communication, acquiring modern and affordable technology has never been more critical for schools constrained by outdated phone systems and limited budgets.

b-hive eliminates the complexity of modern communications by delivering a secure and scalable solution that empowers faculty and staff to communicate in the way they choose and across any device.

Updates are automatic with no new software or hardware to buy

Using b-hive

b-hive doesn’t require on-premises hardware or internal staff to manage the system. We handle all upgrades and maintenance at no additional charge. Our system experts support network hardware and performance on the backend, while school administrators can control day-to-day changes and routing through an intuitive, web-based portal on the frontend.

From individual departments and single school deployments to entire school districts, the Broadvoice b-hive UCaaS solution can meet and exceed the service requirements of any educational institution. Experience these benefits:

Simplify Communications

Broadvoice b-hive resides on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, so UC capabilities and features are only a click away.

Enhance Security

The b-hive platform is housed in geo-redundant data centers, ensuring your UCaaS service is always up and running.

Pool Resources

Provide a phone number for every teacher, but only pay for the number of inbound and outbound calls (or call paths) your institution needs.

Right-size Costs

Instead of a large, upfront capital expense for an on-premises system, pay only for what you use on an affordable monthly subscription.

Boost  Scalability

The on-demand nature of the cloud model allows you to deploy gradually or quickly and scale users or features up or down as needed.

Future-Proof Technology

Maintenance, new features, and functionality updates are done automatically in the background with no new software or hardware to buy.

Let’s get started today!

Taking education into the cloud

Is your school or district constrained by an antiquated phone system and budget limitations? Broadvoice has the solution. Broadvoice b-hive UCaaS platform offers functionality that can dramatically lower costs and improve school operations and communications between administrators, faculty, students, and parents. Here are just a few:

  • Budget-Friendly  Traditional PBX systems require a significant initial investment in hardware, software licenses as well as technical training and ongoing management costs. The cloud-based Broadvoice b-hive system a subscription-based service that ’s managed by our expert team 24/7/365; this effectively moves your communications spend from a CAPEXto OPEXmodel, which lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) and reduces the risk of capital depreciation.
  • Call Path Model  Rather than deploying hosted seats for every employee, you save money by selecting a certain number of call paths to serve your faculty – three teachers for every call path, for example. Because they’re rarely, if ever, on the phone simultaneously, they simply share a pool of call paths, which cuts costs dramatically. Enhanced 911 Service  If a 911 call is placed from anywhere on campus, the 911 operator knows exactly where the call originated, enabling emergency responders to get to the caller faster. Also, with a coordinated E-911 network plan, E-911 service can be integrated with alarms, activating notifications to other teachers, administrators and security teams about the emergency and where the call originated.
  • ACD Queues  Automatic call distribution (ACD) queues route calls to departments, faculty, and staff. When staff go on breaks or leave for the day, they can log out of the queue, so calls are automatically directed to their available peers. One common ACD application in schools is managing absence reporting. Since emails and voicemails are often deemed insufficient proof of an excused absence, some schools use ACD to take the influx of lives calls each morning from parents who are reporting their children will be out for the day.
  • Presence Indication  With Broadvoice Communicator, staff can quickly assess who among their colleagues is available to take a call or receive an instant message. This simple but powerful feature gives faculty and staff control over their availability and cuts hold times dramatically.
  • Informational Voice Mailboxes  Broadvoice’s solution allows for multiple informational mailboxes, which are making a resurgence as an alternative to social media for more private and targeted announcements. Common applications include hotlines for homework, sports teams, clubs, and parental organizations.
  • Intercom Support  Educational organizations can use Broadvoice b-hive’s overhead or phone paging feature from building to building or school to school (if they are on the same network) to page traveling faculty, administrators, counselors or nurses, or to make announcements about school closings, schedule changes, etc.

  • Account Code Security  Utilizing account codes is a smart way to secure phones for authorized use in school environments. The phones won’t dial out unless an authorized user’s account code is keyed in first, preventing students or unauthorized personnel from dialing numbers, making prank calls or calling pricey international numbers.

  • Find Me/Follow Me  These two call-forwarding services are commonly used in conjunction with each other so that coaches, nurses and other mobile faculty can be reached regardless of their location.

  • Call Recording  This feature has become very popular in recent years, giving administrators the ability to record and verify call-ins for absent students and even safety threats.

b-hive is backed by our Customer Success teams and starts working for education organizations on Day One. Installation includes the site survey for network readiness, professional installation, and training for users and admins. Our self-service portals give you control when you want it. For everything else, we’ve got your back.