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Optimize every customer interaction.

Facilitate better conversations between agents and customers with dynamic scripts.

Empower agents to deliver positive customer outcomes.

With the Smart Scripting advanced script-building system, your contact center agents are equipped with the right information at the right time to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

Guide Conversations

Customize interactions with every customer using smart script-building technology.

Improve As You Go

Leverage real-time feedback to improve customer conversations and drive more positive outcomes.

Drive Higher Value

Quickly resolve customer service issues and drive revenue through upsells and cross-sells.

Intelligent assistance enables smarter customer interactions.

Build optimized agent scripts.

Smart Scripting enables intuitive conversations with smart script-building tools.
  • Create, configure, and activate scripts with a guided drag-and-drop script builder. No technical expertise is required.
  • Insert dynamic fields for data, checkboxes, and file uploads.
  • Configure scripts to perform calculations or reference data from external or internal sources.
  • Customize experiences from start to finish with web service APIs.

Guide customer conversations.

Broadvoice CCaaS Smart Scripting ensures consistency and accuracy on every call.
  • Enable agents to drive conversations across multiple channels.
  • Customize upselling and cross-selling from one conversation to the next.
  • Train agents in real-time.
  • Adjust scripts based on real-time performance data.

Create intelligent inbound processes.

Automate your inbound service by creating intelligent processes.

  • Configure rules for sending emails, creating tickets, etc.
  • Customize queues and routing throughout the system.

Advanced functionality that’s easy to use and deploy.

Smart Builder

Smart Builder

Non-technical staff can create and modify scripts autonomously.
Dynamic Scripting

Dynamic Scripting

Dynamically pull data from internal or external sources to personalize scripts.
Real-Time Training

Real-Time Training

Smart scripts give agents on-the-job training in customer conversations.


Engage customers in guided conversations across calls, emails, chats, social media, and help tickets.


Configure scripts for inbound and outbound customer conversations.
Smart Processes

Smart Processes

Set up rules for routing and processing customer interactions.
Real-Time Reports

Real-Time Reports

Get real-time feedback on script performance with reporting.
Agent Monitoring

Agent Monitoring

Monitor agent interactions with customers to ensure service quality.

See why businesses love Broadvoice CCaaS.

"Whether it's remote users or different office hours, the b-hive platform gives us the features and flexibility to meet the needs of each location."

Brett Porter
President & COO, Summit Management Services, Inc.

"Broadvoice offers reliable, flexible phone service with excellent customer service."

Nicole Cartwright
Executive Director, Tahoe Resource Conservation District

"Broadvoice was the only vendor we spoke with that showed us how simple, cost-efficient, and easily manageable it was to execute."

Robert Reeder
CIO & VP of Technology, Henley Enterprises

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