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Broadvoice is committed to protecting your business.

Trust Broadvoice with your critical communications.

Count on Broadvoice to deliver

reliability, security, and transparency.

Your communications platform is the central hub of your business. It’s where your employees and customers connect — it’s where business gets done. That’s why we’ve built systems and processes to deliver services that meet the highest reliability and security standards with full transparency.


Our platforms and systems are built using a fault-tolerant architecture free from single points of failure.


Our systems and network are protected by a best-in-class SIEM and monitored 24/7 by network and security experts.


We publish the real-time operational status of our platforms, systems, and network on our website.

Reliability built on redundancy and

disaster recovery planning.

Broadvoice builds its platforms and systems on a solid foundation to guarantee always-on service. Plus, we continually test our plans to ensure they’re always working.

Secure Data Centers

  • Our systems are hosted in Tier III/Tier IV data centers with fire suppression systems, air conditioning for cooling, and redundant power supplies.
  • Broadvoice periodically reviews colocation providers to validate their adherence to security and operational standards.

Redundant Configurations

  • Critical system components are replicated across geo-redundant data centers in Los Angeles and Boston.
  • Offsite backups are maintained and verified on Amazon Web Services.
  • Disaster recovery drills are completed annually.

Security by

design and default.

Broadvoice maintains formal information security policies and programs to minimize risks, and we adhere to the principles of security by design and security by default for a strong security foundation. We’ve made significant investments in security, including:


Our best-in-class vulnerability management platform continuously tests our external and internal endpoints.

Independent penetration tests are completed annually by independent auditors.

Data Encryption
At-Rest and In-Transit

Customer data is encrypted at-rest using AES-256, ensuring it cannot be read or understood.

To protect customer data in-transit, we enforce strong protocols (TLS v1.2+) and ciphers that provide authentication, message confidentiality, and integrity.

Broadvoice earned an A+ rating in data-in-transit encryption from an independent audit.

and Response

Our Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platform offers advanced incident prevention using proactive threat detection and in-depth real-time log analysis.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts promptly respond to issues with our platform, systems, connectivity, and security.

Get network status updates

in real-time, anytime.

Broadvoice provides real-time operational status updates, including logs for past incidents and scheduled maintenance.

More ways Broadvoice

secures your business.

Broadvoice implements a strict access control policy based on the principle of least privilege, enforcing explicit approval workflows before access provisioning. Broadvoice enforces multifactor authentication over an approved cryptographic channel to authenticate the internal network from remote locations, and all physical and logical access is immediately revoked on termination for employees and vendors.

Broadvoice uses a reputed static code security analysis tool that integrates into our CI/CI pipelines, allowing us to detect vulnerabilities in the early stages of development. The tool continuously scans our code repositories and can immediately detect new vulnerabilities.

All Broadvoice production media is securely decommissioned and physically destroyed before leaving Broadvoice's facilities and colocation data centers.

Broadvoice evaluates vendors' compliance annually, performing application security reviews for externally-launched products, services, and significant feature additions before launch to assess whether security risks are identified and mitigated.

Broadvoice implements strong host configuration settings according to OpenSCAP and continuously monitors all hosts' compliance with Broadvoice security standards to prevent a possible data breach.

Broadvoice adheres to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) recommendations, particularly its Top Ten Application Security Risks.

All external data access is logged with the following information: data accessor IP address, target device (if applicable), module, and operation, and all logs are retained for at least 90 days.

All components used in the service are behind firewalls, and there are access control lists that restrict incoming connections to strictly required IPs, protocols, and ports. Broadvoice also uses a carrier-based Anti-DDoS solution that protects our systems and platforms from the most complex advanced distributed attacks.

Broadvoice applies a systematic approach to managing changes to ensure any changes to customer-impacting aspects of a service are reviewed, tested, and approved. Broadvoice also performs deployment validations and change reviews to detect unauthorized changes to its environment and tracks identified issues to resolution.

Broadvoice employees undergo compliance and information security training on the latest security topics, including phishing, ransomware, and data privacy.

Broadvoice is trusted by small and mid-market

businesses around the world.

Broadvoice has earned TrustRadius

awards for high customer ratings.

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Why businesses

trust Broadvoice.

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"We have had little to no issues since acquiring Broadvoice service, as opposed to our previous provider, who left us without phone service for entire days on a pretty frequent basis, with very slow resolution times. This impacted our business greatly as we receive 100+ calls most days. The service and connection provided through Broadvoice has been very reliable and easy to set up and use … Overall, great experience so far."

Kendalyn C.
Managing Paralegal, Law Office
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"Not only do we use it [b-hive] internally, but it is the primary service we offer to our clients when designing new voice systems. It has always been reliable, and working with their customer service is one of the easiest experiences in the industry. Even when there are issues, they are quick to communicate and keep you updated on the situation."

Paul M.
Computing Specialist, The Fruth Group
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"We use Broadvoice for our phone system within our company. By implementing Broadvoice, we were able to reduce our phone bill. The b-hive system allows us to manage our calls more efficiently. We are able to respond quicker to our customers if an employee is away and direct calls to the appropriate employee. On a management level, we were able to see the number of phone calls missed and response time.”

Lori H.
Office Manager, KO Truck & Auto Service Center

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