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Your apps. Your way.

Integrate Broadvoice b-hive with more than 5,000 applications using Zapier. No extra cost. No extra coding.

Optimize your business by enabling your apps to exchange and integrate call data.

Connecting your business apps to call data from Broadvoice b-hive allows you to automate necessary but repetitive sales and support tasks while improving processes, productivity, and profitability. b-hive makes this easy with Zapier.

Automate Follow-Ups

Initiate follow-up tasks or action items when a call is missed or completed.

Communicate Seamlessly

Easily move information between apps, so details and tasks aren’t lost.

Integrate Analytics

Transfer call logs, recordings, and data to other apps.

Maximize every interaction with customized information workflows.

Use Broadvoice Zapier Integration to automate sales and support tasks such as:
  • Log calls in Google sheets.
  • Archive call recordings in Dropbox.
  • Insert call logs into a CRM.
  • Create a lead in HubSpot for missed calls.
  • Send an email when a call is missed.
  • Send a Slack message when a call is missed on a support or service line.

Unleash the power of your call data with Zapier.

Integrate your apps with b-hive.

Zapier functionalities facilitate synergy among apps.
  • Connect your phone system to more than 5,000 commercial apps.
  • Break information out of application silos.
  • Strengthen your apps by leveraging customer interaction data.

Build powerful workflows.

Exchange data between b-hive and other apps to make daily operations easier and more effective.
  • Design workflow triggers (“Zaps”) based on completed calls, hang-ups, etc.
  • Easily manage Zaps using the simple user interface — no coding required.
  • Customize what call events are consumed for Zaps on the user and account levels.

Monitor communications data. 

Harness the power of communications data with instant access and availability.
  • Access call data using your preferred app.
  • Track sales and support follow-ups so issues and opportunities don’t fall through the cracks.

Enterprise-level features that personalize and optimize information workflows.



Connect your b-hive platform to more than 5,000 commercial applications.


Integrate your business apps with your business phone system.


Create event triggers to automate sales and service follow-ups.


Collect data at account and user levels and transform to integrate with external systems.
Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Automate call tracking and archiving.



Zapier connections are subscribed and securely authenticated with the user between Broadvoice and Zapier.



Ensure compliance with industry-specific data storage requirements.

Cloud Access

Cloud Access

Access your Zapier preferences online from anywhere at any time.

Ready to unleash the power of your call data?

Learn more about b-hive’s Zapier integration.

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Broadvoice Zapier Integration Demo

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