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Better customer engagement with SMS.

Reach customers on their phones—where they’re more likely to engage—with one-on-one conversations or broader sales & marketing campaigns.

Give your customers your attention. Or get theirs.

Generate new opportunities for your business by communicating with your customers via text messaging from your b-hive business number.

Schedule & Automate

Automate and schedule outbound text messages to groups or individuals.

Route Inbound Messages

Route inbound messages to specific agents or groups.

Works with b-hive

Use your b-hive number to text and receive a single bill.

Provide richer experiences. Create happier customers.

Give personalized attention at scale.

Reach new people and engage with existing contacts in more meaningful ways.
  • Engage customers with 1:1 conversations or text-marketing campaigns.
  • Organize contacts by tag and message segments of your contact list or everyone at once.
  • Route inbound texts just like calls.
  • Use templates to communicate more efficiently.

Divide and conquer with custom audiences.

Group contacts together for outbound SMS text messaging or to route their incoming texts to certain agents.

  • Keep contact details and records for all of your contacts.
  • Segment customers into groups via tags and assign groups of agents to certain tags.
  • Bulk upload contacts from your CMS via CSV file.
  • Sync contacts with your CRM using our open API.

Broaden your reach without adding more resources.

Accomplish more in less time. You can schedule bulk text messages as one offs or a series and respond automatically based on incoming keywords.

Next time, just send a text.

From appointment reminders to promotional campaigns, text is a powerful tool for connecting with your clients.


Send updates on order status, deliver promotions and gather customer feedback.




Sync your contacts automatically with our open API.

Bubble by Broadvoice has an open API so you can connect with your existing CRM to keep contacts in sync across your apps. And if you’re more advanced, you can integrate our text capabilities into your own app or website.

Powerful text message capabilities for your business.



Reach more people with bulk texts to targeted contact lists.


Schedule texts at specific times and use automation for responses.
Inbound Text Routing

Inbound Text Routing

Automatically route text to the right contact person.


Use keywords for promotions and route texts to certain agents.
Live Agent Interaction

Live Agent Interaction

Agents can respond to a customer in real-time via text.
Contact Segmentation

Contact Segmentation

Assign contacts to specific groups using tags.
Bulk Contacts

Bulk Contacts

Import or export your contacts in bulk for use in other platforms.
Open API

Open API

Integrate with your CRM and create smart workflows.


See why businesses love Broadvoice.

"Whether it's remote users or different office hours, the b-hive platform gives us the features and flexibility to meet the needs of each location."

Brett Porter
President & COO, Summit Management Services, Inc.

"Broadvoice offers reliable, flexible phone service with excellent customer service."

Nicole Cartwright
Executive Director, Tahoe Resource Conservation District

"Broadvoice was the only vendor we spoke with that showed us how simple, cost-efficient, and easily manageable it was to execute."

Robert Reeder
CIO & VP of Technology, Henley Enterprises

Give your business a boost with text messaging.

We’re standing by to give you a personal walkthrough and answer your questions about text messaging with Bubble by Broadvoice.

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