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Brain Balance is a program for kids with developmental and learning disabilities that uses sensory motor activities to build brain connectivity to help them find success in the classroom. With eleven locations across four states and an all-remote inquiry team, communicating with inbound leads and internal teams quickly and efficiently is paramount to the team’s success.

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The Challenge

With multiple locations across four states and a business that was rapidly evolving to an all-virtual format due to COVID, Brain Balance’s inquiry and marketing teams needed a better way to quickly, efficiently, and effectively communicate with inbound leads and each other.

The Solution

Brain Balance needed an affordable, easy-to-use way to engage with leads and customers via text message. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate versus only 20 percent for emails. As the Brain Balance inquiry team was increasingly moving their communication from phone to text, they needed an automated way to communicate with their leads that could also be personalized.

The Broadvoice team was able to work with Brain Balance to implement Bubble, a platform that allows small- and medium-sized businesses to engage better with their customers via text message. This allowed the inquiry team at Brain Balance, who was working remotely across multiple states, to streamline communication with templatized inbound and outbound text messages sent to leads across the network.

Before working with Broadvoice, Brain Balance was using Google Voice, which was not automated, difficult to use, and inefficient. It also led to missed opportunities because there was no single place for team members to see and respond to all inbound leads with personalized responses.

When we were using Google Voice, we each had a different Google Voice number. So, if that person wasn’t working at the time, those calls would get missed. We needed a platform where we were all logged into the same place and could see the same messages. -Jilynne Field, Inquiry Team

Bubble’s ability to templatize and personalize messages or sequences of messages also changed the way the Brain Balance team worked, encouraging more honed and effective communication with potential customers. With templates and scripts in place, the team was also able to work more efficiently while responding to more leads. With this improved process in place, the team was able to quickly scale their efforts across their network.

The Results

Using Bubble by Broadvoice meant Brain Balance’s team was able to communicate more efficiently in a way that worked best for their team while end users received more timely, effective responses to their inquiries.

  • Faster response times to inbound leads
  • Improved communication with potential customers
  • More efficient and effective remote teams
  • Fast setup and onboarding
  • Ability to scale automated communication quickly

Client about us

“Bubble helped us scale our ability to automate our communication and have a script, which we never had before. It’s been good because what we were using before was messy, slow, and hard to use.”

Amanda Anderson
Inquiry Team and Marketing Director, Brain Balance

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