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Connect with customers their way.

Interact with customers on their favorite channels — call, chat, email, or social media — with an omnichannel cloud contact center.

Create customer-centric interactions with GoContact.

Customer-centricity means putting the customer at the center of everything you do — from products and services to delivery and support. In today’s digital-first world, it also means communicating with customers on their channel of choice: voice, chat, email, social media, or help tickets. GoContact makes it easy with omnichannel interactions.

Communicate Seamlessly

Manage all channels using a single interface and move seamlessly from one channel to another.

Connect Conversations

Keep track of all customer conversations, even if they start on one channel and end on another.

Consolidate Analytics

Correlate metrics across all channels to track agent performance and identify improvement opportunities.

Elevate customer interactions by expanding touchpoints.

Modernize your contact center.

GoContact’s omnichannel solution brings your contact center into the digital age.
  • Use the communications channels your customers prefer.
  • Access all channels — voice, email, chat, support tickets, and even social media — on one interface.
  • Move a conversation from one channel to another seamlessly.

Get a complete view of your customer.

Gain visibility into all customer interactions on a single platform.
  • View customers’ complete conversation history across all channels to personalize interactions.
  • Keep the context of your conversations from one channel to another.
  • Provide agents with customer data to enhance customer service.

Monitor all channels in one interface.

Omnichannel monitoring and analytics can help managers schedule and train agents for optimal results.

  • Access analytics across all channels from a single interface.
  • Monitor team performance with real-time reporting and statistics.
  • Filter and correlate metrics with a user-friendly dashboard.

Enterprise-level features personalize and optimize customer interactions.



Communicate with customers via voice, chat, email, social media, and help tickets.


Use our native integration to monitor and respond to messages.
Social Media

Social Media

Support other social platforms through an easy API to our application.


Support over 2 billion customers through our native integration with WhatsApp.


Offer live web chat easily with no programming required.


Add email queuing and templated replies via the GoContact interface.
Help Tickets

Help Tickets

Convert support requests into tickets, so requests are always answered.
Contact History

Contact History

View customer interactions across all channels in a single interface.


Easily personalize customer interactions based on their contact history.
Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Access 80+ reports through real-time dashboards, tables, and data export.
Identify FAQs

Identify FAQs

Determine the reason for contact to answer frequently asked questions.
Cloud Access

Cloud Access

Access your GoContact system online from anywhere at any time.

See why businesses love GoContact.

“Choosing GoContact as a partner is betting on a technological solution that allows us to innovate and keep up with the trends of what the customer experience is: a diverse range of digital services that contribute to a unique experience for not only the customer but also for the employee.”

Mário Tazi
Director of Operations, Ucall

“GoContact gave us the possibility to accelerate the implementation of flexible and agile solutions that the market demands more and more and that are a pillar of our strategic plan.”

Miguel Matey
CEO, Emergia

“Innovative and versatile, this application allowed for a completely different management of resources through systematic and daily review of results and, consequently, the quest to improve the service quality provided to our clients.”

Carlos Pereira
National Director of Sales and Customer Service at DPD

“In addition to the omni-channel concept, I would like to highlight the fact that GoContact has a “tailor-made” solution that, through its dynamism in development, allows for customized handling of activities, according to the needs and challenges of Worten’s Contact Center.”

Luis Ferreira
Customer & Service Center, Manager at Worten

“Prosegur’s Contact Center has multidisciplinary teams where versatility is a necessity and part of everyday life. Bringing together in a single tool all the diversity of channels and all the diversity of activities carried out by our team, as well as increasing the team’s productivity, were the main benefits of the GoContact solution.”

Luís Ramos Martins
Customer Service Centre Coordinator, Prosegur

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