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Our brand story.

Broadvoice empowers meaningful communication. Whether you’re connecting with customers or collaborating with your team, companies rely on communication to succeed. Our platform creates the opportunity to interact, share ideas, and achieve your vision. We prioritize human interaction as the foundation for brilliance.

Our Point of View

At Broadvoice, we believe that every connection matters; there is no moment too big or too small. Even the smallest gesture has the capacity to change a person’s day, to spark a transformative idea, or to create a long-lasting bond that can contribute to a more meaningful experience.

Our Look

Our Tone

Logo options.

A focal point of our logo design is the letter “i” that is both legible and symbolic. The “i” is formed by a series of linked circles that denote the strength of the connections we build.

On a white background, use the full-color logo with charcoal text and aqua-colored “i.”

Our colors.

primary blue swatch
secodary blue swatch
Gray Swatch
Gold swatch
Red swatch

Brand resources.

Download our brand assets below for use in creating branded or co-branded materials. 

Logo Assets

Last Update: March 3 2020

Brand Guide

Last Update: March 3 2020

Co-Branding Kit

Last Update: March 3 2020

We are hiring!

We love connecting. Our team is a diverse group of customer enthusiasts, techies, creatives, and more. View our current openings to see if we are a match for you.