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Call data delivered your way.

Easily move, use, and store call records with the Broadvoice Webhooks integration.

Unlock the power of real-time call data.

Your phone system generates real-time data that can help streamline operations, serve customers, and make sales. Unlock the power of that data by accessing it where and when you need it using Broadvoice Webhooks.

Streamline Data Flow

Automatically move call logs, recordings, and records for instant access in different apps.

Synchronize Data

Make changes to call data in real-time across multiple apps.

Ensure Compliance

Adhere to regulatory or industry-specific requirements for data storage.

Move, use, and store call data to optimize business outcomes.

Leverage Webhooks for these use cases and more:
  • Track near real-time call data for analytics tracking of inbound, outbound, and missed calls.
  • Integrate call data with existing reporting and dashboards for real-time decision making.
  • Insert missed call data into a CRM or internal system with a reminder to respond or create a lead.
  • Automatically route faxes to a third-party management system.
  • Save call recordings for regulatory compliance.
  • Track customer calls, voicemails, and recordings and attach them to their customer record as a call log.
  • Route received text messages for an auto repair or insurance claim system.

Access the call data you need in the right place at the right time.

Integrate with your existing CRM.

The functionalities of Webhooks help keep track of customer data.
  • Connect your phone system directly to your CRM.
  • Receive missed call information in your CRM.
  • Add new customer leads to the CRM directly from the call data.

Route messages to other platforms.

Automate call data distribution to streamline your daily operations.
  • Generate text messages or faxes based on specified event triggers.
  • Send data to a third party or external management system.
  • Transfer data and messages in real-time with zero lag.

Customize record retention.

Maintain your records how you want, where you want.
  • Personalize destinations and rules.
  • Save call recordings to the cloud to ensure compliance.
  • Transmit data to multiple destinations.

Enterprise-level features that improve data management and business outcomes.



Effortlessly retain data using your preferred app or storage repository.


Configure your apps to exchange data with your phone system.


Create event triggers to automate notifications and data transfers.


Modify Webhooks at the account level to optimize data management.
Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Access call data in real-time or store it for future analysis.



Webhooks are connected via https and logged, ensuring your data is safe.



Ensure compliance with regulatory or industry-specific data storage requirements.



Manage your Webhooks using a simple platform with minimal coding required.

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