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We’ve made a better phone system for the companies that make everything else.

Broadvoice improves the mobility, flexibility, and scalability of your manufacturing business.

Keep communications on track from the front office to the front line.

Poor communication in the manufacturing business can result in more than lost productivity. It can lead to safety issues, bottlenecks, costly production errors, and lower profits. Our all-in-one cloud-based solution supports work anywhere from any mobile device and any channel, so it works for everyone in your organization — from the front office to the front line.


Go deskless and hands free.

Most on-site manufacturing staff are deskless workers, so you need a phone system designed with portability and mobility in mind. Our all-in-one cloud-based Communicator app lets your team work anywhere, even in the warehouse or on the factory floor. Communicator lets them call, chat, video, fax, and more — all from their existing internet-enabled device. Add a headset for hands-free communication on the go.


Choose the right channel for the Job.

While office staff may prefer a voice or video call, factory workers on a noisy shop floor may find chat or text to be best. Rather than having separate systems, Broadvoice unifies all communications — calls, chat, text, fax, voicemail, video conferencing, collaboration, and more — on one platform and one user interface. Everything is in one place. Workers can choose their preferred channel to match their job roles and situations.


Put safety first with Broadcast SMS.

For safety reasons, factory workers — especially those operating heavy machinery — often can’t check emails or answer their phones. Adding business text messaging can help. Bubble by Broadvoice is a great way to broadcast SMS messages to teammates in the warehouse or on the factory floor. This way, they can view important notifications and information when it’s safe to do so.


Rely on always-on communications.

Your manufacturing plant has backup generators for nonstop production, and Broadvoice b-hive is set up for continuous operation. It’s accessible from the cloud and housed in geo-redundant data centers, so it will be up and running even when there’s a power outage, storm, fire, or other disaster. We stay online, so you can too.


Expand to meet customer demand.

Your manufacturing company must scale to meet customer demand for higher volumes or speedier delivery. Broadvoice can scale your phone system too! Our intuitive admin portal makes it easy to add seats anytime, and you can quickly add users to your subscription at peak times.


Customize and right-size your plans.

With a high ratio of deskless workers, your manufacturing firm doesn’t fit the typical office mold. No worries! Broadvoice allows you to only buy the IP phones you need for your office and engineering teams, and your front line workers can use virtual seats. We also let you mix and match unlimited or metered plans for cloud PBX, UC, and contact center seats to meet your budget and performance requirements.

Ready for a phone system that breaks the mold?

Try the all-in-one Broadvoice b-hive communications and collaboration solution.

What our customers are saying

See why manufacturing firms love us.

Broadvoice has been one of the best things that’s happened to our practice. It’s been a huge time-saver and helps our patients connect with us and us to connect with them.

Arizona Center for Vasectomy and Urology

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We moved to Broadvoice in January 2021. We love the phone service, setup was easy, and it’s good service.

American Bio-Clinical

In February of this year we switched to Broadvoice. We love Broadvoice's advanced voice options, phone device, and uptime and service. Plus, it’s a very easy setup.

Cardiovascular Care