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No one ever expects their entire business to change overnight. But nearly every business will face a major turning point of some kind—a big decision, an evolving relationship, or even external factors that aren’t in anyone’s control.

Imagine 18 years years of business relationships and infrastructure being upended by a scare of Mad Cow Disease taking place on the other side of the globe. For Daniel Ogita, President and CEO of Unibright Foods (now for 35 years), there’s no need to imagine.

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of deals are done over the phone

The Challenge

After decades of successful operation, the combination of unforeseen events and rapid advancements in communications technology left Unibright playing catch up.

Survive and Thrive

Even in serving large markets, Unibright has always had a community focus, aiming to “produce quality beef that we’d be proud to share at the table with friends and family.”

But even with a local mindset, Unibright’s business started largely as an export business, serving a high-demand market developing in Japan. Unfortunately, they found themselves out of luck due to 2003’s Mad Cow Disease scare. In a business built on personal relationships (“Big deals get done on the phone,” says Ogita), Unibright had a lot of new relationships to build if they were going to survive and thrive.

But a lack of technology held them back.

“In the winter time, our phone lines would go down. Even half a day or a few hours can cost a lot.”

This supply chain, delicate and essential as it is, moves quickly and efficiently. If tech issues leave you out of the loop for even a few hours, the train is leaving the station—without your products.

The Solution

With a switch to Broadvoice, Unibright never has to miss the chance to close a deal. The cloud based PBX system helps manage relationships with both customers and suppliers: an ecosystem of family farmers, small restaurants, and other local businesses. Being a local operation with a quick-moving national supply chain requires robust and reliable communications.

Broadvoice Cloud PBX not only greatly reduced service outages for Unibright, it allowed them to pivot successfully during a challenging time, connecting in more meaningful and timely ways, keeping the business afloat in times of uncertainty. They can stay responsive and mobile, collaborating on the fly. It’s easier to get calls from suppliers and customers to the right place. And as a result, they can build better relationships with customers.

The Results

But what Ogita appreciates the most is the shining personal service he gets from the Broadvoice team.

“I love the quick service. I call in and [my rep] is the one to answer and walk me through things. They even came out one time for a fix off hours. It’s good service.”

And really, that’s what we’re all about: serving your company with the kind of personal attention, above-and-beyond effort, and reliable communications that allow you to be more brilliant about the way you connect.

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