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A better customer experience starts with a better phone system.

Personalize and optimize customer interactions for your in-store or online retail business with Broadvoice.

Your one stop shop for communication, collaboration, and call center services.

Whether your storefront is online, in the mall, or on Main Street, customer experience hinges on connecting customers with products, services, and information when and how they want it. That’s a tall order, but don’t worry — Broadvoice can help you fill it.


Work where customers buy.

Our all-in-one cloud-based Communicator app lets your team work anywhere — on the shop floor, in the office, in the stock room of brick-and-mortar stores, and in the contact center or connected home of digital shops. Communicator lets them call, chat, video, fax, and more — all from their existing internet-enabled smartphone, laptop, or PC so work gets done wherever they are.


Never miss a call, chat, text, or fax.

There was a time when minding the store meant picking up a ringing phone. Today, it means answering a video call, chat, text, fax, and more. Broadvoice makes it easier by unifying all communications — calls, chat, text, fax, voicemail, video conferencing, collaboration, and more — on one platform and one user interface. No app switching and no more missed messages!


Answer customer calls quickly.

When customers call, they are ready to buy, have a question, or are experiencing a problem. A timely response is vital to making a sale or ensuring the customer has a positive experience. Our built-in auto attendant ensures time sensitive calls are answered every time. Our virtual receptionist directs callers to the right extension, reducing hold times and connecting buyers with the help they need.


Serve customers like a big brand.

Leverage the built-in virtual contact center with Broadvoice b-hive to get the benefits of an enterprise-class call center system with none of the hassles — it’s part of your subscription service. Distribute and queue calls to your customer service or sales teams — whether they’re in the call center, a brick-and-mortar store, or working from home. Plus, you can measure key performance indicators to continually improve your customer experience.


Personalize customer interactions.

Deliver a more personalized customer experience by connecting Broadvoice b-hive call center tools with Salesforce CRM customer databases and workflows. Get inbound record matching that triggers screen pops with key customer information and more.


Reach your customers where they are.

Interact with your customers instantly by adding business text messaging. Bubble by Broadvoice is a convenient and reliable way to reach your customers with special offers, delivery notifications, appointment reminders, and more. With a 98 percent open rate, text messages are highly effective for sales, marketing, and other services for your retail business.


Customize and right-size your plans.

Whether you run a retail chain, boutique, or digital storefront, Broadvoice b-hive can work for you. Mix and match unlimited or metered packages for cloud PBX, UC, and contact center seats to meet your budget and performance requirements. Only pay for the features and IP phones you need and save by excluding the ones you don’t.
PS Don’t need desk phones? Try our Virtual Seat.

Ready to deliver a better customer experience?

Try out the all-in-one Broadvoice b-hive communications and collaboration solution.

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See why retail businesses love us.

Broadvoice has been one of the best things that’s happened to our practice. It’s been a huge time-saver and helps our patients connect with us and us to connect with them.

Arizona Center for Vasectomy and Urology

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We moved to Broadvoice in January 2021. We love the phone service, setup was easy, and it’s good service.

American Bio-Clinical

In February of this year we switched to Broadvoice. We love Broadvoice's advanced voice options, phone device, and uptime and service. Plus, it’s a very easy setup.

Cardiovascular Care