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Expand your CCaaS operations with CXHub.

The one-stop shop for all your contact center and labor needs.

A BPO marketplace for your outsourcing needs.

CXHub is a business process outsourcing (BPO) marketplace that connects businesses with the staff augmentation services they need to grow, expand, and optimize their operations.

CXHub is designed to streamline the outsourcing process by connecting you with the resources and labor you need to run your CCaaS operations and the award-winning customer support you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

That’s the Broadvoice Difference.

Start your outsourcing journey in just a few clicks!

With CXHub we can help you determine the best solutions to meet your outsourcing goals. Our advanced RFP engine aligns your functional and financial requirements and curates a shortlist of pre-vetted, best-fit outsourcing partners. Once you’ve confirmed your preferred BPO partner, CXHub creates the contract, assists with onboarding, and helps manage the partnership.

Leverage the functionalities of a comprehensive global marketplace.

CXHub provides access to hundreds of pre-vetted, qualified outsourcing partners and consultants and 700,000 agents to augment staffing, outsource labor, and streamline contact center functions.

As a CXHub customer, you are connected to industry-leading service providers that are hand-selected to fit your specific needs for location, skills, capacity, language, and industry.

CXHub is designed
to keep costs low.

In addition to our competitively priced UCaaS and CCaaS offerings, the program is designed to encourage healthy competition: BPO partners in the marketplace want to keep costs low to win — and keep — your business.

Outsourcing call centers
to industry experts
increases revenue.

Hiring agents with industry-specific knowledge and expertise results in more sales for your company.

Staff augmentation
enhances agent performance.

Outsourcing allows you to fill skills gaps, so agents can focus on their specific areas of strength.

Each provider is hand-selected
for your needs.

An enterprise-level RFP process meticulously assesses each outsourcing provider, so you are guaranteed the best fit for your specific outsourcing/labor needs.

Increasing the number of agents
enhances the customer experience.

Increasing the number of agents who can handle backlogs, calls, and customer interactions means customers receive faster, more personalized support and care.

CXHub allows you to
improve operational flexibility.

Staff augmentation and outsourcing allow you to leverage seasonality, new product launches, skills gaps, and changes in call volume.

“The CXHub program makes enterprise-quality outsourcing available to companies of all sizes right on the Broadvoice ecosystem, bringing them the cost savings, performance improvements, and industry best practices needed to remain competitive in today’s economy and CX-sensitive culture.”

Alan Pendleton
CEO of ArenaCX

"With the launch of CXHub, Broadvoice has become a one-stop shop for all contact center and labor needs. In addition to its cloud based omnichannel contact center platform, Broadvoice now offers professional staffing solutions to help small and mid-market enterprises optimize performance, enhance the customer experience, drive revenue, and grow their business."

Jim Murphy
CEO of Broadvoice

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