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Scale your operations Cut your phone bill.

Keep your existing hardware and ditch your landlines for more flexible and affordable cloud-based business phone service.

Upgrade your phones and save.

SIP trunks replace your phone lines with the internet service you already have.

Keep Your Phones

Modernize your existing phone hardware with basic cloud features of SIP trunking.

Save Big

Unlimited SIP trunks can save you up to 70% monthly compared to legacy phone providers.

Scale Instantly

Automatically add capacity to handle large bursts in traffic or seasonal changes.

Your business phones. Now more connected.

The features you expect and more, with the ability to scale instantly.
  • Business phone essentials like voicemail, caller ID, auto attendant, call recording and virtual fax.
  • Virtual phone numbers with local ZIP codes.
  • Call bursting to automatically support sudden increases in call volume.
  • Mix and match with other cloud-based seat types.

Painless portal management.

Control your phone services across multiple locations and teams from a single dashboard.

  • Manage call menus, add & manage users, extensions, call recordings and virtual fax.
  • Oversee multiple locations, whether SIP or b-hive cloud, together in the same portal.
  • Users can edit their individual phone preferences.
  • Review inbound call analytics to gain insight into communications.

Cut your phone bill and scale when you need to.

Not only do SIP trunks eliminate your traditional phone provider, they also provide a flexible and scalable setup so you only pay for what you need—and only when you need it.

Call path pricing is the most affordable option for businesses with limited phone traffic, and call bursting lets you instantly and temporarily expand capacity for busy times of day or seasonal changes.

We have a strong connection to satisfied customers.

Every customer receives 24/7, US-based service from one of our very own best people. And our on-site installations also include free in-person training and onboarding.

We also protect your connection with multiple layers of 4G failover so local internet and phone outages don’t impact your service.

Bring your business phones up to speed.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Add call recording for training and record-keeping.

Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax

Send and receive faxes through email.
Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Manage your company call menus from the admin panel.
Keep Your Phones

Keep Your Phones

Use your existing devices and hardware.
Flexible Price

Flexible Price

Mix and match cloud seats and unlimited SIP trunks across locations.



Our virtual connections enable you to quickly scale up or down.

International DIDs

International DIDs

For the global business, international DIDs originating in the US.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Track inbound calls breakdown, origin and demographics.


See why businesses love Broadvoice.

"Whether it's remote users or different office hours, the b-hive platform gives us the features and flexibility to meet the needs of each location."

Brett Porter
President & COO, Summit Management Services, Inc.

"Broadvoice offers reliable, flexible phone service with excellent customer service."

Nicole Cartwright
Executive Director, Tahoe Resource Conservation District

"Broadvoice was the only vendor we spoke with that showed us how simple, cost-efficient, and easily manageable it was to execute."

Robert Reeder
CIO & VP of Technology, Henley Enterprises

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