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Since the launch of our next-generation b-hive Communicator app two years ago, we have focused on adding features to help simplify communication workflows for our users while remaining responsive to evolving market changes and customer demands. Our latest upgrade includes a revamped user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that makes it easy to navigate and collaborate.

Communicator Gets a Makeover for Readability and Accessibility

When juggling conversations with teammates on multiple platforms, you need access to controls and content at a glance — whether on your desktop screen, laptop, or mobile app.

With that in mind, we’ve redesigned Communicator for readability and accessibility, improving the overall user experience. The new Communicator app now features:

  • A white background, vibrant colors, and bold icons.
  • A navigation bar with titles and more visible icons.
  • Larger user presence (status) icons.
  • More readable typography.
  • Highly visible buttons for quick access to favorite features like calls, chats, and videos.

Communicator Is Now More Responsive Across Device Types and Screen Sizes

Communicator is ideal for all kinds of work models — in-person, work-from-home, and on-the-go. The improved UX makes it more responsive across all screen sizes, from desktops to laptops and mobile phones.

Additional Chat Features Are Coming Soon

Given our commitment to continuous innovation and optimization, our teams are currently working on new enhancements to improve Communicator’s chat features. We want our customers to have the most up-to-date — and easy-to-use — technology. Keep an eye out for these new features in the coming weeks.

b-hive Communicator Is the All-in-One App for Collaboration and Communication

The Communicator app has everything your business needs to stay connected, and the new interface makes navigating and collaborating easier than ever. Current Pro users will automatically gain access to these new features. If you’re not yet a user, we’d love to show you how Broadvoice b-hive and the Communicator app can streamline collaboration and maximize productivity for your team. Book your demo today to learn more.

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