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The product team at Broadvoice announced a new feature for b-hive Communicator that became available in March: Dialpad for Softphone. This feature is part of an initiative to develop a full-fledged, independent, and compact softphone with a completely redesigned interface for b-hive Communicator.

Now Broadvoice customers can make ad hoc calls anytime, anywhere, using the Dialpad on the desktop and mobile versions of b-hive Communicator. This feature allows users to dial and call ad hoc phone numbers not saved in the company directory or in their contact list.

The Dialpad for Softphone feature enhances the user experience by making intuitive ad hoc calls, which simplifies daily workflows and improves productivity. Users simply dial the number using their keyboard or the numbers on their screen when they want to make a call.

We want our customers to know that we design our products with ease of use as a priority, so the softphone is housed in an “internal window,” allowing users to adjust the size and position to fit their needs, and it’s easily accessed via a button on the top bar.

Want to learn more about the new feature for b-hive Communicator that makes phone calls quick and easy? Check out the demo video.

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