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Are you queued up to talk to your customers?

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Web-based, platform integration with b-hive unified communications allows virtual call centers that utilize remote users

The Broadvoice b-hive virtual call center was built with your small to medium business in mind. Cost effective and agile, this intuitive web-based cloud system is integrated into the Broadvoice b-hive UCaaS platform your employees are already using. Improving the customer experience is the number one priority for most companies, adding a virtual call center checks that box.

What can a virtual call center do for your business?

Improve the customer’s experience with:

  • Real- time analytics
  • Historical call reporting
  • Call routing by queue, day, time, and customer service representative (CSR) ability
  • Monitor, whisper, barge capabilities
  • Easily maneuvered admin panel for additions and changes
Get started with a Virtual Call Center
Call queue health — a measure of customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is statistically difficult. Often, we judge customer satisfaction on one thing — sales. This can be a misleading figure though. There can be a lag time between customers starting to be dissatisfied with your product or service and the point when they finally make a change. Rather than focusing on a subjective measurement of customer sentiment, look closely at their experience when contacting your business, which is a more objective way to measure customer satisfaction.

Virtual call center bjective vs subjective

The overall health of the queue focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) can be an objective measurement of the customer’s overall experience.

On b-hive, you can look at each queue and discover at a glance:

Calls: How many calls have come through during a given time-period.

Answered & abandoned: The percentage of calls that have been answered vs calls abandoned before a CSR was able to help your customer.

Speed of answer: The speed at which your reps answer. (b-hive pro tip: on average a phone rings every 5 seconds).

Agents missed: How many calls the agents missed and rang through to someone else.

Hold before answer: Hold time before a call was answered (this is from the moment the call is picked up by your auto attendant).

Timeout calls: How many times a caller had to hold for over your maximum hold threshold.

Hold before abandon: The average hold time before a call was abandoned.

Average call duration: How long your customer talked to your CSR.

What can virtual call center KPI’s tell you?

The key performance indicators we offer allow you to make some thoughtful decisions about your customers. Reviewing some examples:

Speed of Answer: Deceptively simple, this KPI can show you how engaged your reps are in their job. If a rep is waiting for 3-4 rings to answer a phone every time, they are not engaged in the service they are providing. You can look at this KPI individually and as a team. Seeing a 12-15 second Speed of Answer, it is time to ask questions: Are customers calling upset and reps do not want to talk to them? Are they asking the same question over and over again? How can I help my team be engaged?

Hold before abandon: Also know as abandon by interval, this KPI can help you optimize the customer’s experience. If customers are on average abandoning at 4 mins, then maybe it is time to hire more reps. Or maybe, it is time to change your auto attendant to include frequently asked questions or give customers the option to leave a message at 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Timeout calls: If your threshold of total hold time is 5 minutes and more than 25% of your calls are hitting that threshold, it is time to think about how your queue is set up. Using scripting, Broadvoice will be able to help your customers self service or be able to show you it is time to hire more customer service agents.

The simplified, intuitive interface ensures rapid training and ease of use