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Now that businesses today are interacting on a global scale, companies need a reliable way to communicate with customers and employees regardless of time zones. Luckily, cloud communications technology has enabled businesses to do just that. With cloud communications, a business can communicate from anywhere, easily scale, and save costs compared to more outdated forms of communication.

In this guide, we’ll go into detail on these advantages and cover some of the most pressing questions about cloud communications. As you read this, consider how integrating a cloud communications solution could align with your business needs and ultimately help improve your own business communications.

What is cloud communications?

In simple terms, cloud communications is a means of communicating through multiple channels via the internet. These channels include calling, messaging, voicemail, email, data storage, video, and more. Every conversation you have and every video conference online runs through technology hosted in the cloud. Since everything is operated via the cloud, there’s no need for unnecessary hardware or manual labor which helps create a unified communications process.

Types of cloud communications

As mentioned above, cloud communications solutions blend all forms of communication under one host and provider. Let’s take a closer look at these methods and types of cloud communications.


VoIP or voice-over-internet protocol has gained popularity in recent years. Compared to traditional systems that require you to use classic phone lines to make calls, VoIP technology allows businesses to make calls using only an internet connection. This significantly reduces costs for businesses and allows for easy scalability. Read our article on the benefits of VoIP to learn more about the advantages of this solution. 

Video conferencing 

Video conferencing is not a new technology, but its necessity has become more critical than ever. The pandemic has forced many companies to distribute their employees across multiple locations. Video conferencing has proven to be a vital communication application that mitigates this inconvenience by helping these teams and employees stay connected. With robust video conferencing solutions, teams can continue to communicate, collaborate and work together effectively.

Messaging and SMS 

Text messaging and SMS allow businesses to send messages to employees and customers when other forms of communication are not possible. It is the easiest and most efficient way to reach different departments, team members, and users. 

File and document sharing 

Sharing files and documents is essential for businesses to continue their work. Features in cloud communications software such as automatic database updates, data storage, and data sharing are some of the most secure and accessible ways for teams to collaborate. Members can view files and resources instantly.

Advantages of cloud communications

At this point, you might be thinking, “well, it’s great that all these methods of communication are available, but how will it directly impact my business?” The following are some of the most important ways a cloud communications solution will benefit your business.


A cloud solution gives you more freedom to work. It offers the advantage of mobility, as employees can access the cloud from any device. This also means that employees can access their cloud communications solution from remote locations like home offices or on business trips. Most cloud phone service providers offer mobile apps for smartphones and tablet devices that include all the features and capabilities of a traditional phone system, allowing your employees to access real-time information from any device.


A traditional phone system that runs in one location is not easy to scale. Cloud communication technology makes scalability easier. Upgrades can be made and customized as needed and you don’t need to add hardware or lines every time you want to increase your capacity.


Businesses using traditional phone systems can only use standard security measures. A cloud solution offers your company more protection than a conventional phone system. Cloud communication solutions use various security measures such as data encryption, network security, secure voice, video transmission, and more to ensure your users’ safety.


A reliable network is essential for businesses that rely on communication systems. Most cloud providers offer high-quality and dependable services. Moreover, cloud providers use the latest technology and equipment to ensure continuity. They also employ additional measures such as disaster recovery and fail-safe methods for connectivity in all environments. 


Price is something that all businesses consider when looking to select a communications solution. Smaller companies do not have the budget to implement solutions that do not include certain features. However, all-in-one solutions like Broadvoice offer the best cloud communications solutions at a fraction of the price. 

Cloud communications for small business

Most SMBs are limited when implementing effective communication solutions compared to larger companies. This is because SMBs typically have fewer resources and budgets. However, these constraints quickly become irrelevant if SMBs decide to implement a cloud communications solution. Small businesses love cloud communications and especially Broadvoice because we deliver enterprise-level solutions, technology, and services for a fraction of the price.

Despite the many benefits of switching to a cloud communications solution, you still need to make sure that it makes sense for your business. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when considering a transition to a cloud communications solution:

  • How much will a cloud communications solution reduce my business costs? 
  • Will I be able to replace my current communications systems seamlessly? 
  • Which providers can guarantee me the highest quality of service? 

To answer these questions and receive a customized plan today, contact Broadvoice! Broadvoice is the leading provider of unified cloud communications solutions designed to collaborate and support your business. 


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