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Virtual contact center for financial service providers.

Although more and more financial institutions are embracing a digital-first mindset, customers still require a human touch when it comes to requesting a loan, questions about taxes, or investment advice. However for simpler tasks, like checking their balance or requesting a replacement card, they prefer a digital option. 

This leaves financial service providers with a dilemma. How do they marry their digital interactions with these human interactions? The answer: a virtual contact center. 

Customers expect a seamless omnichannel experience 

When customers begin their quest online, they generally fill out multiple forms and answer questions on the information they are looking for. If they are able to find the information, there is no need to speak to a human agent. Sometimes, however, it becomes clear that the customer won’t be able to solve their problem without help from a customer service agent. At this point, the customer picks up the phone to call your business. 

Why you need a virtual contact center 

This is where your business might lose a customer. If you don’t have the right communication technology in place to assist your customers, they will search for a provider that does.

Customers want direct engagement with your business, but they have little patience for waiting. 50 percent of customers will hang up after 45 to 95 seconds on hold with no interaction. And customers don’t wait to have to re-explain their situation or answer the same questions they just filled out online. They expect a seamless experience from their online interactions to those with a human agent.

Using a virtual contact center, like b-hive Virtual Contact Center, you can provide customers with an omnichannel experience across all channels of communication, further improving the overall customer experience. 

Maximize efficiency and enhance client engagement  

A virtual contact center allows your business to successfully serve each customer with services such as IVR scripting, an auto-attendant feature, and intelligent call routing that helps you direct each customer to the right department without ever needing to speak to a receptionist first. 

With a virtual contact center, your financial service institution can put the right customizable, self-service options into place freeing up your customer service agents to spend more time assisting customers with more complicated or urgent problems. This means that your customer can always use the auto-attendant option to get an answer to their question 24/7 even if a customer service representative isn’t online. And with an auto-attendant feature, your business will always convey a professional image to customers.  

Here are a few ways a contact center can help maximize efficiency and enhance client engagement: 

  • Field after hour calls 
  • Direct a customer to a financial advisor  
  • Improve operations 
  • Reduce overhead 
  • Serve customers outside of normal business hours 

Plus, with a virtual contact center, you won’t have to deal with issues like slow computers or faulty software. As long as your agents have a Wi-Fi connection, they can take customer calls from any location at any time. 

Improve customer satisfaction  

If you want to keep your customers happy and returning time and time again, get set up with b-hive Virtual Contact Center today. 

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