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We’ve heard time and again that customer experience is leading the pack as a key differentiator in nearly every industry. In fact, a study from SuperOffice found 45.9% of business professionals say it’s their top priority over the next five years. The ~2000 surveyed said they’re more invested and focused on the customer experience than anything else, including product development and pricing.

In the retail space, a good customer experience is non-negotiable. The XM Institute found that happy customers are more than 5X more likely to buy from a business again. They’re also 8X more likely to try other products and services from the company and 3X more likely to spread positive word of mouth.

Positive Experiences Build Repeat Buyers 

My mom’s a die-hard Nordstrom shopper. And while I love the style, for the longest time I just couldn’t understand how she could justify the expense.

Then, a few years ago, I borrowed a beautiful navy-blue jumpsuit I found in her closet. It was absolutely stunning and fit like a glove. Perfection. I put it on, got ready, and headed out to an event. I parked my car, flung open my door, and started to get out. And then…rip.

My heart sank as I looked down. That beautiful (expensive) jumpsuit had snagged and ripped. And I’m not talking a small rip. It was a giant gash right down the inner seam that turned the jumpsuit into a dress.

I called her crying as I hightailed it out of the parking lot back home. I was working part-time and in school full-time, so there was no way I could afford to replace it. But my mom wasn’t mad when I told her what happened. She told me I could just take it back to Nordstrom, and they’d fix it or replace it for free.

Seriously? Free? I couldn’t believe it.

“Honey, that’s why I pay the extra money. They guarantee their stuff. If it breaks or rips or tears, they take care of it. Customer service like that is worth it every time.”

Now, I shop there. Her great experience with the company transferred to positive word-of-mouth reviews, and now they have two lifetime shoppers. It’s a win-win.

I know, I know. It’s hard to deliver high-quality customer experiences with the increasing demand for digital-first strategies. Unified communications for retail is the ideal solution. By providing seamless communication and collaboration across channels, retailers can meet the demand for digital-first services and improve customer experience.

Unified Communications for Retail Ensures Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are essential to the customer experience, whether in person, online, or on the phone. According to a Forbes report from Shep Hykin, 96% of customers will stop doing business with your company if they experience poor customer service. And 17% wouldn’t recommend you if your customer service was slow (even if it was effective).

Retailers face the constant challenge of serving customers on their own terms. Customers want quick and efficient interactions. That way, they don’t waste time waiting for a solution. Using business solutions that allow fast, efficient communications is key.

Unified communications (UC) platforms let retailers be where their customers are. Plus, they can provide fast and accurate information on the customer’s preferred channel. Here are a few features of the unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform by Broadvoice that can help.

  • Advanced call routing. This feature connects customers to the right person the first time they call.
  • One-click collaboration. This lets your employees chat or video conference with each other to find a quick solution for customers.
  • Quick messaging. Retailers can use the Bubble by Broadvoice to reach a large group of customers at once. This lets you keep customers updated. And they can receive and respond to texts from customers.
  • Reliable service. If there’s an outage, customers can still reach employees who have access to the cloud-based system from any internet-enabled mobile device.

Unified Communications for Retail Provides Human-Centric Service

Here’s a familiar scenario: you’re on the phone with a digital IVR menu that doesn’t understand what you’re saying. You’ve shouted “Representative!” more times than you can count. You’re tired of being on hold for hours and just want someone to pick up the phone.

In our digital world, retailers need the right combination of automation and human interaction to provide a stellar customer experience.

A UCaaS system offers the human touch while also providing automated help when needed. Here are a few examples.

  • Advanced call routing and call forwarding. This helps customers reach the right person quickly.
  • Real-time messaging. A messaging platform lets you meet customers where they are, which leads to faster resolutions.
  • Centralized management. Administrators can use call center analytics to inform scheduling and staffing decisions.
  • Personalized options. A UC solution with built-in call center functionality and CRM integrations enables inbound record matching and screen pops with customer information. With this, employees can deliver a personalized interaction.

Unified Communications for Retail Can Increase Employee Satisfaction

While the customer is the center of the retail universe, you shouldn’t neglect your employees. Your employees better support customers when they feel valued, have the necessary tools, and are empowered to solve problems and make decisions.

Bridging the gap between a positive employee and customer experience is easy with a UCaaS solution. UCaaS helps retailers improve the employee experience by providing:

  • Seamless communications. A UCaaS platform centralizes your communication channels into one platform for seamless, reliable communication through the cloud.
  • Enhanced collaboration. Integrated screen and file sharing complements voice, chat, and video conferencing capabilities. This means coworkers can collaborate regardless of location.
  • Improved engagement. Chats and video conferencing help recruit, hire, and train new employees. You can also engage current employees.
  • Increased mobility. Employees can reach each other with one number, anywhere, from any internet-enabled device.

Unified Communications for Retail Allows You to Embrace the Digital Experience

Digitalization and automation will continue seeping into everything we do. And retailers will continue facing the challenge of keeping customer experiences top of mind. By embracing a UC system, retailers can enjoy seamless communication, enhanced collaboration, and faster problem-solving. And that helps improve employee satisfaction and customer service.

Improve your customer experience with the b-hive UCaaS platform. Chat with one of our specialists to learn more.

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