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At Broadvoice, we provide unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions that enable businesses to enhance their productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and make meaningful connections with their customers. We continuously add new features and integrations to our b-hive UCaaS platform to further improve efficiencies and customer service.

Today we would like to highlight the Microsoft Teams and Salesforce integrations for our b-hive platform.

Microsoft Teams is a great platform for communicating and collaborating because users can message each other, share files, access OneDrive, collaborate on projects, and access their calendars with a click of a button.

While it’s true that Microsoft Teams has made remote and hybrid work easier than ever, there’s one thing it can’t do: place external calls. This is where b-hive for Microsoft Teams comes in. The direct calling abilities of b-hive are integrated into the desktop and mobile versions of Microsoft Teams so users can place external calls directly in the Teams interface. This feature even works with Teams hardware — just power on the device, log in using Microsoft credentials, and in about 20 minutes users can make calls using the hardware.

For more information about the Microsoft Teams integration for b-hive, check out our webpage.

b-hive also integrates with the popular CRM software, Salesforce. By allowing b-hive to access Salesforce data and information such as customer history, contact information, notes, and leads, businesses can personalize interactions for each customer.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this integration is the ability to use click-to-call capabilities in the Salesforce interface — all phone numbers (even those for contacts, leads, and opportunities) become clickable. Users can even create new leads or cases on the spot, add notes for calls, and record calls. The best part is this information is saved automatically in Salesforce, so users don’t have to switch apps or systems.

For more information about the Salesforce integration for b-hive, check out our webpage.

Both integrations allow businesses to communicate and collaborate with their teams while offering advanced calling features to help streamline workflows.

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