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More and more businesses are looking to outsource their labor needs as they struggle with staffing shortages, seasonality, and increasing call volumes. Given the importance of high-quality customer service, a growing concern among businesses looking to augment staffing is finding solutions that provide excellent customer experiences. Companies looking to outsource should consider partnering with a business process outsourcer (BPO) specializing in customer service so that they can focus on their day-to-day operations and leave customer service operations to the experts.

Here are 3 tips that can help businesses optimize operations when partnering with a BPO.

Ensure Agents Are Properly Trained

BPO agents should be trained in the businesses’ policies, procedures, and technologies and receive a catalog of best practices and recommendations. Proper training enables agents to feel more secure in their responses, improve response times, and optimize their workflows. By training each agent on brand standards, businesses can improve the customer experience and ensure customers receive consistent, on-brand support.

Regularly Monitor Operations

It’s crucial to monitor operations to ensure objectives are met, identify potential issues, prevent escalations, and determine areas of improvement. Metrics should align with business objectives and measure the efficiency and quality of customer service delivered. Common metrics include the number of calls per agent, first-call resolution rates, average service times, average wait times, and customer satisfaction rates. It is also helpful to leverage the feedback in customer satisfaction surveys.

Invest in Cloud Contact Center Technology

Businesses should invest in cloud based omnichannel contact center technology to optimize agent workflows and efficiencies and provide customers with excellent customer service. Omnichannel solutions ensure agents can interact with customers on a variety of channels using a single platform, and technology that operates in the cloud allows agents to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Broadvoice CCaaS: The Ideal Contact Center Platform for BPOs

With the right tools and strategies, businesses can improve the customer experience, increase agent productivity, and boost operational efficiency. Broadvoice CCaaS is a cloud based omnichannel contact center platform specifically designed to fit the unique needs of BPOs. The Broadvoice CCaaS platform facilitates consistent customer experiences across all platforms and provides data analytics and reporting so businesses can monitor their operations.

For more information about how Broadvoice CCaaS can benefit BPOs, check out our blog or schedule a demo.

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