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What Is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

The evolution of technology has changed how companies communicate with customers and the expectations for customer experiences. Customers have high expectations for a seamless customer experience, and their tolerance for poor customer service is low.

Traditionally, the contact center experience involved multiple transfers from agent to agent, repeating questions and complaints, and being on hold for long periods of time. Now, we have omnichannel contact centers that offer improved customer experiences.

An omnichannel contact center is a customer experience platform that enables businesses to communicate with customers across multiple channels in an omnichannel environment. These channels include chat, email, voice calls, SMS text messaging, and even social media.

What Are the Benefits of an Omnichannel Contact Center?

Because of their flexibility and ease of use, omnichannel contact center solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the customer service industry.

Omnichannel contact centers ensure customers can communicate with businesses on any platform and device. This means customers can engage on their preferred channels, which improves customer satisfaction. The ability to connect greatly enhances the customer journey and provides an easy and efficient customer experience.

Unified communications (UC) features enable a unified customer experience. Because each agent has access to all communications, interactions, and notes, they have increased visibility into customer preferences, trends, and needs. This allows agents to personalize interactions based on contact history and customer profiles.

From the operations/management side, these solutions allow supervisors to better manage their teams by allocating customer interactions and managing call flows and volumes to fit the needs of the contact center and the customers.

Another benefit of an omnichannel contact center solution is they enable businesses to map the customer journey in the contact center. By leveraging real-time insights and data analytics, contact centers can analyze metrics to determine the time to resolution and how many points of contact it takes to resolve an issue.

How Does an Omnichannel Contact Center Work?

The overarching goal of a contact center is to facilitate seamless communications between customers and the company; this is accomplished using agents. Most agents are trained in customer service techniques and use contact center software to enhance their productivity.

Most contact centers have VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software that includes predictive dialing, interactive voice response (IVR), SMS, and modernized calling capabilities such as call routing, call recording, and queue call-back. Some omnichannel contact centers use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for predictive scripting tools and to replace repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Agents use these features to streamline their customer service processes.

The primary responsibility of contact center agents is to communicate with customers and resolve their complaints and concerns. They monitor and respond to various communications channels such as voice (including inbound and outbound calls), chat, email, social media (including Facebook and WhatsApp), help tickets, and more. They are also responsible for verifying customer information and reviewing customers’ contact history and profiles to help personalize the interaction.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution Software

Broadvoice offers GoContact, an omnichannel contact center solution. Our contact center solution is built for small and mid-market businesses looking for a more efficient way to provide quality customer service.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses love GoContact:

  • It is easy to use. Agents can manage customer calls, chats, social media messages, and emails in the same browser.
  • It is easy to manage. Omnichannel solutions shouldn’t be complicated or require IT resources. With GoContact, there’s no coding or scripting required.
  • It is easy to afford. We offer custom plans and flexible pricing to meet any budget.

An omnichannel software solution helps businesses build personal customer relationships, improve the customer experience, and streamline customer service. All of this adds up to improved customer retention, loyalty, and happy customers.

Contact us to learn more about Broadvoice’s omnichannel contact center solution.

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