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Sip trunking

As more companies turn to VoIP services instead of traditional phone services, SIP trunking is crucial for business communication. 


What is SIP trunking?

SIP trunking, which means session initiation protocol trunking, connects old school phones with today’s technology. The term trunking originated from the olden days of telephone service when telephone operators joined groups of users with wires called “trunks.”

With old telephone lines, our voices traveled along wires from place to place. Today, SIP trunking systems help businesses leverage cutting-edge communications technology to do this and more. 

This article summarizes the top SIP trunk providers for small businesses, so your company can scale while maintaining excellent customer service standards.


1) Broadvoice

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Top features: Broadvoice offers some of the best SIP trunking features in the market today, such as virtual phone numbers, voicemail, caller ID, auto-attendant, call recording, call bursting to automatically support sudden increases in call volume, the ability to mix and match seat types, international DIDs, plus so much more. Additionally, your connection is protected with multiple layers of 4G failover so local internet and phone outages don’t impact your service. The platform also allows you to control and manage your business’s phones and teams across locations from a single dashboard.

Summary: Broadvoice SIP trunk solutions help businesses scale their operations and cut costs by allowing them to keep their existing hardware and ditch their landlines for more affordable cloud-based business phone service. The platform provides a flexible “pay for what you need” pricing model making it the best option for SMBs. Also, unlike other SIP trunk services, Broadvoice offers 24/7 US-based customer service. With Broadvoice, modernizing your current business phone service has never been easier.


2) Zadarma

Location: Burgas, Bulgaria

Top features: Zadarma offers a business phone system without heavy hardware and wiring. Zadarma offers VoIP, CRM, Cloud PBX, website widgets, integration with top CRM systems, and more. With Zadarma, you can create your local or international presence with virtual phone numbers from 100 countries worldwide.

Summary: Zadarma is a business SIP trunking provider that provides maximum reliability and data centers in different countries ensuring trouble-free operation. They have customer support in 5 languages: available via chat, a ticket system, and phone. The Zadarma voice services are of the highest call quality. Zadarma works with the largest VoIP providers globally and gives premium quality services with the guaranteed CallerID transmission.


3) Voxbone

Location: Bruxelles, Belgium

Top features: Voxbone has voice & SMS in 65+ markets, global coverage, contract-based pricing, and volume discounts. You can deploy an agent in new markets instantly as you scale. Voxbone offers private, automated number portability, interconnection options, access to emergency calls, and secure trunks with VPN, TLS, SRTP.

Summary: Voxbone offers flat rates for calls with volume discounts which you can adjust as your business scales. Voxbone helps you transition to the cloud with a flexible SIP trunk service that provides tractable, instant, and enterprise-ready voice connectivity to most world economies.


4) Nextiva

Location: Scottsdale, USA

Top features: There are more than 100+ features available with high functionality at reasonable rates. Nextiva also offers volume discounts and the option to keep your existing PBX system to provide competitive pricing to customers.

Summary: Nextiva offers customers a full range of unified communications services and features. As one of the top business SIP trunk providers, Nextiva offers comprehensive features with US-based customer services at very competitive prices. This company helps you to cut costs and keep features.


5) Twilio

Location: San Francisco, USA

Top features: Twilio’s business SIP trunking service helps you scale quickly to meet your traffic needs with unlimited capacity. They offer instant provisioning, pay-as-you-go pricing, unlimited concurrent calls, and phone numbers in over 70 countries.

Summary: Twilio offers a wide variety of services and specializes in helping you create custom APIs. Their SIP trunking offering gives you maximal communications agility and adds instant global PSTN connectivity with reduced costs functionality.


6) net2phone Canada

Location: Ontario, Canada

Top features: With this provider, you get free nationwide and international business phone calling to 40+ countries. There are four authentication methods: voice encryption with TLS and SRTP so you can keep your business secure. 

Summary: net2phone is an industry leader in unified communications as a service, delivering SaaS-based business VoIP communications and call analytics solutions to Canadian businesses and others. Net2phone Canada offers the highest-quality Polycom phone systems, a sophisticated set of features, integrations with CRM platforms, in-depth call analytics solutions, and HD video conferencing with an exclusive focus on VoIP and SIP trunking for business.


7) Plivo

Location: San Francisco, USA

Top features: Plivo has outbound calling in 195 countries, inbound calling in 70+ countries, and no minimum commitment. Their PoPs are located in six regions across five continents to ensure that you experience low latency and high voice quality.

Summary: Plivo’s voice and messaging platforms enable businesses to deliver customer experiences using pay-as-you-go pricing. This product gives companies high SLAs for uptime and pay-as-you-go pricing. Also, they have many options for international calls.


8) AlliancePhones

Location: California, USA

Top features: AlliancePhones has instant number provisioning, nationwide coverage, automatic failover, and geo-redundant servers. It has interoperability so that you can use it on any SIP-compatible device.

Summary: Alliance Phones offers a menu of different features with all-inclusive plans. If your business has limited budgets and low call volume, use this trunk provider as their metered plans will give you access to all the bells and whistles at reasonable prices.


9) Bandwidth

Location: Raleigh, USA

Top features: Bandwidth is a high-quality, elastic SIP trunking provider built for scale with integrated E911 support. It has guaranteed service through a tier 1 nationwide network, a 24/7 support team, flexible pricing options, and access to dedicated launch teams to get you started.

Summary: Bandwidth offers voice and messaging along with the ability to manage countless phone numbers. With their APIs, the middleman is cut off, which gives you a partner in the success of your business communications.


10) 1-VoIP

Location: Boca Raton, USA

Top features: This SIP trunk has unlimited incoming minutes in multiple available areas and offers unlimited simultaneous calls. 1-VoIP holds a clear advantage over other business trunking providers in its integration with anti-spam software Nomorobo.

Summary: 1-VoIP offers residential business and personal services that include VoIP and SIP trunking. 1-VoIP is best known for its low-priced plans, straightforward software and features, uptime guarantee, and excellent customer support.


11) Telnyx

Location: USA

Top features: With Telynx, you can see usage statistics, traffic levels, and active calls in real-time. It helps you to control your audio with a choice of high-definition video and audio codecs. You can debug in seconds with advanced call flow visualization and SIP ladder exporting.

Summary: Telnyx is a SIP trunking provider created to be tailored precisely to your needs. This system was designed to optimize for quality calls, messaging, and data worldwide with real-time communications in mind. Businesses can quickly build reliable messaging with their SMS API. In addition, you can set up two-factor authentication using SMS or voice codes to secure your data.


12) RingCentral MVP

Location: California, USA

Top features: This SIP trunking service provides toll-free numbers, multiple DID options, call data records, e911, caller ID, PSTN forwarding, automatic fail-over routing, disaster recovery, and international numbers.

Summary: RingCentral MVP is a robust cloud-based trunk provider that helps optimize your business communications. RingCentral MVP lets you work remotely and provides enterprise-grade business communication tools for voice, fax, text, and video, as well as bringing your device to work capability.


13) Insider Telecom

Location: Ann Arbor, USA

Top features: Insider Telecom is one of the best SIP trunk providers with features like caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling, intercom, auto-attendant, and many more. There is no significant upfront purchase for a complete business phone service.

Summary: Insider Telecom helps small businesses in the United States access great business tools while keeping prices within reach. In fact, with Insider Telecom, the equipment is provided as long as you need it. No big upfront purchase for a complete business phone service with this business SIP trunking provider.


14) Vonage Business

Location: Holmdel, USA

Top features: Vonage reduces latency and improves call quality with automatically routed calls to the closest gateway. It has PBX compatibility, which provides trunks instantly using detailed PBX configuration guides. With Vonage, you can save money by eliminating pre-provisioning compartments with virtually unlimited capacity.

Summary: Vonage Business is a leading business trunk provider for businesses of all sizes and industries that covers all the communication needs of organizations looking to succeed. They offer many business-critical features like mobility, conferencing, and integration with top cloud applications. Trusted by more than 500,000 business users, it is available in several plans and packages that fit various business requirements.


15) Monster VoIP

Location: California, USA

Top features: Monster VoIP acts as an auto-attendant that operates through a digital receptionist. Monster VoIP also has a call queuing service and is a cloud-based phone system.

Summary: Monster VoIP is a business trunk provider created to give superior voice quality, excellent service, and maximize uptime to businesses while delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. They offer a complete suite of communication tools, giving you and your team an easy-to-use user interface for all of your communication efforts.


16) UniTel Voice SIP

Location: USA

Top features: UniTel Voice is a SIP trunk provider that helps you cut costs, scale your business, and increase reliability. With UniTel Voice, you get quality service at the best price. Benefits include speedy setup, free professional USA-based support, and management. In addition, UniTel Voice’s customer support is managed domestically, unlike other SIP trunking providers, which are routed via overseas service centers.

Summary: UniTel Voice offers a low-cost/high-quality SIP trunking service for small businesses and call centers. Suppose you’re looking for the cheapest SIP pricing for local or toll-free numbers. In that case, UniTel Voice’s SIP trunking service has you covered on affordability, features, call quality, ease-of-use, and customer support.


17) Fusion Connect

Location: Atlanta, USA

Top features: Fusion Connect is a business trunk provider that pins your company registration to a specific IP address to stop fraud that may arise due to enrollment from other locations. Businesses can improve communications by using additional call sessions above your purchased amount for peak call times.

Summary: Connect your entire business with one call. Fusion Connect is a trunking services provider that tailors your business internet solutions to your unified communications, SD-WAN, internet access, business VoIP, and secure networking. Fusion Connect’s business VoIP also has internet-based faxing, SIP trunking, softphone, and auto-attendant functions.


18) thinQ

Location: Raleigh, USA

Top features: thinQ offers an efficient and innovative SIP trunking add-on; you’ll be able to scale your voice traffic freely without constraints and get significant cost savings. It has flexible APIs and a platform to integrate their solution into your SIP trunk. It gives you access to a multi-provider solution with route flexibility and disaster recovery to mitigate downtime.

Summary: thinQ offers a better way to power voice and SMS/MMS text messaging applications in the cloud and gets you up and running fast. They make it easy for businesses and enterprise contact centers plus telecom VoIP providers to bring your own 40 high-quality carriers to Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo, SignalWire, or any SIP connection. thinQ helps you add and control your inbound and outbound voice and texting features in your existing tech stack in minutes. It also allows you to connect to current SIP providers, save on the cost of your goods, improve call delivery and quality, and more.


To learn more about SIP trunking and find the right provider for your business, check out our comprehensive SIP trunking guide.


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