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Businesses of all sizes and models — from brick-and-mortar to online — are adopting digital-first sales and service strategies. This means they must be able to interact with customers using digital channels such as phone, email, web chat, and social media.

Managing all these communications channels in your personal life is a challenge — imagine doing so on a much larger scale for a business! It’s simply not possible without the help of automation. That’s why many vendors have retrofitted their call center solutions with “omnichannel” capabilities.

Unfortunately, these repurposed platforms retain their legacy technology architectures and licensing models, which are cumbersome and expensive — especially for small to mid-market sized businesses.

The Broadvoice founders built their business delivering communications right-sized for small to mid-market sized businesses, and they quickly realized the disconnect between the markets’ needs and product offers. They have since focused their efforts on finding a better solution.

Introducing GoContact Cloud Contact Center

The search ended when our executive team discovered GoContact, a cloud based omnichannel contact center platform developed by technologists in Portugal to serve large business process outsourcing organizations (BPOs).

The GoContact platform takes advantage of some incredible advances in computing — the cloud, containers, microservices, and more — and combines these features into an omnichannel platform that is both agile and affordable. This combination meets the exact requirements for BPOs and dedicated call centers, but it also has exciting applications for small to mid-market sized businesses.

Our founders recognized the GoContact platform as an excellent fit for the Broadvoice portfolio, buying the company and the platform in July 2021. Eighteen months later, we’re excited to bring the GoContact solution to our small to mid-market sized business customers in North America.

GoContact Simplifies Omnichannel Customer Communications

Unlike other contact center solutions, GoContact is built, delivered, priced, and supported with these businesses in mind.

These are a few ways GoContact simplifies technology:

  1. No hardware. While other solutions require on-site or cloud servers, GoContact is provisioned in a cloud based environment on virtual machines.
  2. Browser based. GoContact runs in a browser and, unlike competitors, does not require software downloads.
  3. One queue. In the GoContact browser, agents manage one queue for all calls, chats, emails, and social media.
  4. No coding. Non-technical users can set up campaigns in minutes using a drag-and-drop interface.
  5. Automatic updates. GoContact is an always up-to-date, cloud based subscription.

By leveraging modern, cost-effective technologies, Broadvoice can ignore legacy licensing models. Here are a few examples:

  1. All-inclusive. Most companies charge extra for additional features, but GoContact bundles standard capabilities in the monthly seat charge.
  2. Concurrent seat licenses. Instead of paying licensing fees for each agent, Broadvoice only charges for the number of concurrent seats required.
  3. Surge licensing. Most contact center solutions allow you to scale up for peak demand, but few, if any, allow you to scale back down. GoContact lets customers temporarily scale up from as few as 10 licenses and then return to normal levels with surge licensing.
  4. Low overhead. Broadvoice owns the GoContact platform, so we don’t pay ongoing licensing costs to a contact center software vendor. We pass those cost savings on to you.

The GoContact technology is easy to use, the licensing is straightforward, and we back it up with the hands-on support our customers expect. And, yes, that means we answer your calls, emails, chats, and social messages.

If you’re looking for an omnichannel contact center that’s simple to use and simple to buy, take a closer look at GoContact by visiting the webpage.

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