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The Broadvoice product team is excited to announce a new enhancement available in September, the MMS message capability with b-hive Communicator.

As a company, we are responsive to the dynamic needs of a remote workplace, always listening to customer and partner feedback to continue to improve the customer experience.

The MMS message capability uses an assigned business phone number to send a message and/or file to an employee or customer directly, or to a group of employees or a group of customers. File types include pictures, GIFS, videos, and all MMS standard file types.

Now, it is easier for users in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance to share secure images through text rather than emailing or faxing while juggling personal and business phone numbers.

Bindiya Jain, Vice President of Product Management said, “I am excited about the new MMS functionality because it simplifies our customer’s communication workflow. Recently, a lot of big enterprises are getting rid of physical phones for their internal employees and encouraging them to use the b-hive Communicator app for both internal and external communication. So, that’s where Broadvoice fits into that ecosystem making external communication enterprise wide, much simpler, and more secure”.

In the future, the Broadvoice product team will be focused on customer experience. The award-winning UCaaS solution offers a full suite of products for users to leverage the platform. Users can video call, chat, send external SMS and MMS, and schedule meetings through Outlook and Google calendars. The next step is to bring all those features together and look toward a second version of UX/UI experience to create a whole navigation piece that is simple and easy to use for customers.

Want to streamline your remote work experience? Learn about how b-hive Communicator and the new MMS message capability can simplify your team’s workflow.

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