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As one of the “Top 50 Inspiring Places to Work in North America”, Broadvoice is a tech company full of dedicated people who put a lot of heart into their roles.

Yvette Corradini Bratt, Regional Channel Manager for California and Arizona, has established herself as a powerful blend of sales performance and personal care in her role.

For four years, Yvette has managed outside telecom brokers that bring in opportunities to Broadvoice. Every deal won is a welcome challenge for Yvette who thrives on the spirit of competition to outperform two to five other competitors to close the deal.

After a difficult year in 2020, Yvette with her two partner sales managers and a sales engineer have driven sales to hit 186% of their quota in 2022.

Yvette is a consummate professional that never wavers in her commitment to the partner community, the sales team, and Broadvoice.

In 2023, her goal is to hit 200% of her quota, but more importantly to keep nurturing relationships with partners to ensure the best experience with Broadvoice.

Yvette remarked, “Being in the channel is all about connections and relationships. Partnership is the key word. Sometimes, a partnership can be difficult like a marriage which is why open lines of communication and respect are important for those hard days when partners and outside customers may need help. “

Yvette reflects on her experience at Broadvoice.

Initially, CEO, Jim Murphy and President, Sam Ghahremanpour, interviewed Yvette during Broadvoice’s first foray into channel sales in the telecom space.

Her prior experience included 12 years in sales including tenure as a Director of Product Development at Joe’s Jeans where she managed the entire design and sales team with a $16 million per quarter budget.

In her career, Yvette has always been committed to throwing herself 100% into any task and proving herself as a successful woman in a male dominated industry.

Her achievements can be contributed to equal parts confidence, communication, and grit. She consistently delivers on timelines and is hyperresponsive to partners. At the end of the day, Yvette is competitive and winning is important to her definition of a good day at the job.

Yvette gives an example of how Broadvoice is different from other companies in the cloud communication space due to a customer service philosophy that drives business.

She says, “Even if there is 6 seat opportunity, our partners tell those customers not to worry about the size of the deal. Every partner is going to get the best of the best from Broadvoice in terms of customer care regardless of the size of the business. “

Yvette elaborates, “President, Sam Ghahremanpour, makes personal phone calls to thank partners for their business. The human touch from the executive team is simply not something any other provider offers in the market. We genuinely care.”

When Yvette is not busy going above and beyond with her personal touch to the partner community, she spends time with her husband, Andy, a partner with a commercial mortgage banking firm. They have been married for 8 years and Yvette attributes the success of their relationship to her confidence in having a voice, some friendly competition, and gratitude for having a true partnership in her home and career at Broadvoice.

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