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We had the opportunity to sit down with our Chief Product Officer, George Mitsopoulos, to learn more about the new product features and enhancements at Broadvoice.  

Broadvoice believes that a more connected business sparks meaningful human interactions and delivers better results.  

We continually listen to customer feedback and experience with our products to tailor our tech stack to simplify and improve business communications.  

Enhanced analytics and reporting

As we look to improve our business communication products, we focus on the customer perspective to understand how they are using our communication platform to best serve their customers.  

The b-hive Communicator platform provides real-time, granular analytics for business operations. The embedded analytics capability allows a business to look at call patterns from an hour ago, a day ago etc. – to track, course correct, zoom in, and improve service levels. This capability leads to fewer abandoned calls and better overall call quality.  

Now, employees are empowered to personalize each phone call with the power of data.  

George said, “Our product team is committed to improvement in the overall analytics process for the customer, to make the critical information easy to access and consume. We can get as granular as the agent level and as singular as the call level which enables the business to make real-time decisions and leverage historical analytics to improve call center operations”.  

Full suite mobile response

In our digital, interconnected world, work is no longer confided to our desktops or the limitations of a room with four walls.  

Broadvoice offers the b-hive phone service app, a full suite mobile offering (text, video, chat, call) available with Microsoft Office 365, Google Cloud, and iCloud integrations. Now, customers can sync and update internal and external contacts for a real-time productivity suite for email and contact management.  

George emphasized that enhanced contact integration is just a part of how the b-hive Mobile App is designed to be responsive to your business environment.  

He said, “Broadvoice believes that people work best and operate best when they feel best. A full suite mobile positive response is meant to make you feel connected when you need to be connected from a messaging perspective. For example, I can be dropping my daughter off at school and drop in on a video call or take an early meeting with the team in Portugal from the car on the app to fulfill my work responsibilities while going about the day-to-day of my life”.  

Enhanced integrations

The most recent product milestone at Broadvoice has been the Microsoft Teams PBX integration with b-hive. George said, “MS Teams has 150 million users that have adopted the MS Teams ecosystem for their desktop and mobile collaboration. Now, Broadvoice can power our voice offering in MS Teams. From an IT perspective, this ensures a holistic, cloud-based solution on which the user manages a single application, and the voice platform comes through the application.” 

Watch our Daily Demo webinar for the latest in Broadvoice product news.  

Learn more about how our products are changing the paradigm of business communications in the next interview with George Mitsopoulos, Chief Product Officer.

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