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Cloud-based collaboration tools bring people together—whether they’re in the same room or across the globe—and this improved connectivity greatly benefits small and medium-sized businesses by giving them access to new opportunities and new ways to capitalize on them.

But before we get into how cloud collaboration technology can help, we need to understand just what the cloud is. The cloud is a server that hosts applications and is accessed via the internet. Most cloud collaboration services can be accessed through a web browser like Google Chrome or Safari, but some companies even have dedicated mobile and desktop apps. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of cloud collaboration for your business.


Saving time

Cloud collaboration services will save your business time. With a cloud-based collaboration tool like b-hive Communicator from Broadvoice, employees can quickly chat or call coworkers to get answers to their questions, and customers can be helped more efficiently, too. 

When your employees are able to work more efficiently, they have the opportunity to help more customers and give them better service with a richer experience which ultimately grows revenue. When your employees can call, video conference, chat, and even text from the same app window, barriers begin to break down and your team can find new ways to grow your business.


Improving organization

With a cloud collaboration tool like b-hive Communicator, employees can easily find any saved voice or video calls, text messages and chat history. Thanks to how organized this correspondence is, employees can collaborate effortlessly and get more done in the same amount of time, while giving customers a richer experience.


Allowing employees to participate anytime, anywhere

Since cloud applications are accessed via the internet, they can be accessed from a user’s phone, laptop, computer, or tablet—whenever and wherever. 

So if your fusion restaurant’s master chef has an “a-ha!” moment in the waiting room of their doctor’s office, they can pull out their smartphone and share their new gazpacho recipe with you before the idea gets lost. 

This is an invaluable asset for teams working both in-person and remotely. Cloud collaboration technology makes it easy to share photos and videos, collaborate on projects, connect with people outside your company, and expand the ways in which your work gets done. This gives employees more flexibility too, because they can participate from anywhere.


Making it easy to share large files

Using a cloud collaboration tool allows you to quickly upload and send hefty files, which not only saves you time, but gets you results faster.

Consider a small manufacturing company that sells trendy kitchen appliances: air-fryers, pressure cookers, soda streams, etc. Since their production takes place in China, product designers and engineers must send 3D blueprint files to their partnering factory. Since these files can easily get to be over a gigabyte, simply sending via email won’t suffice. By using a cloud collaboration service, the product team can simply upload the file to the cloud and send their manufacturing partners a link to the file once it is uploaded.


In a digital world, cloud collaboration can streamline your business’s efficiency, in turn leading to lower costs and higher revenues. To learn more, check out b-hive Communicator today.

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