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Nowadays, customers expect top-notch customer service every time they reach out to your business. In fact, of 1,000 people surveyed in Gladly’s Customer Service Expectations Survey, 96% said they would stop purchasing from a company after three or fewer poor customer service experiences.  

To prevent this from happening, you need the right technology in place to empower your agents to deliver the best customer service possible with every interaction. 

How Communicator can create better customer experiences 

In this article, we’re going to look at customer expectations and how the new b-hive Communicator app can help you not just meet, but exceed, those expectations. 

Omni-channel experience 

Customers want to use the communication channels they are most comfortable with. Some customers prefer to text, while others want to talk to a person on the phone. Whatever the customer preference, your agent needs to be able to accommodate these different communication channels. With Communicator, this has never been easier. Communicator enables all agents to seamlessly switch between different modes of communication so they can always put their customers’ preferences first. If an agent is on the phone with a customer and they need to send them additional information, they can easily follow up that phone call with a text using their business phone number.  

Knowledge sharing 

If your customer has an issue, they don’t want to keep repeating it over and over again to different agents. This is where b-hive Communicator can help. Once a customer shares a story with an agent, even if they are transferred to someone else, they won’t need to share their story again. Using Communicator, the first agent can easily copy and paste their communications with the customer into a quick chat to the other agent to give them the most up-to-date information. This ensures agents are always on the same page and allows them to easily share information about customers and complaints in real-time.  


It’s not enough to just resolve customer issues. Your customers now expect a personalized experience from your business. 61% of people surveyed felt they were treated like a case number rather than a person. The new b-hive Communicator combats this by allowing your agents to create a personalized experience for every customer. Using Communicator, an agent can access previous interactions with a specific customer including call recordings (video and voice) and chat history so they are always informed on who they are talking to and their past experiences. 

Quick resolutions 

Customers require speed and expect their issues to be resolved quickly. The last thing they want is to be passed around from agent to agent until they finally make it to the supervisor. Now, your agents can cut out all this unnecessary back and forth. If an issue needs to be elevated to the supervisor, your customer service agent can create a separate chat with their supervisor, while simultaneously talking on the phone with the customer using Communicator. The supervisor can then evaluate the issue and respond in real-time via chat what should happen, or even join the video call and take over. This prevents the customer from having to waiting on hold and allows the supervisor to join the call at just the right moment to provide a speedy resolution.  

Quality customer service doesn’t just benefit the customer, it benefits your business as well. 

Repeat customers 

When your customers experience excellent customer service, they are more willing to continue using your service or product. Plus, many will even pay more for what you sell! According to Gladly’s survey, 68% of customers will pay more for a company’s product if their customer service is great. That means that an investment in excellent customer service is also an investment in your company.  

Get your customers talking 

The truth is in the numbers. 80% of customers will share a great customer experience with their family and friends. And when a customer shares with their close circle, those listening are much more likely to trust that person since they value and respect their opinion. 

The data is in: By simply providing a great customer experience, you can reap the benefits of repeat customers, more business, and continued brand loyalty. So to ensure your customers get the best customer experience every time, check out the new b-hive Communicator today.  


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