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Manufacturers are accelerating digital transformations throughout their businesses beyond implementing robotics on the factory floor to stay ahead of inflation, talent scarcity, and supply constraints. Research from Gartner reveals that 80 percent of manufacturing CEOs are increasing their investments in digital technology, and 87 percent expect to implement distributed cloud technology by 2025.

Cloud based contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions are among the top solutions because they help improve communications with internal and external stakeholders and significantly improve daily operational efficiencies. Three advantages of CCaaS that benefit manufacturers are omnichannel support, hybrid work capabilities, and consistent message reinforcement.

Omnichannel Support

Manufacturing firms manage communications with suppliers, logistics, shipping providers, business partners, and customers. With omnichannel support options, manufacturers can provide consumer-like experiences to each of these groups, enabling them to communicate on their preferred channels, such as voice, webchat, social media, and more.

Omnichannel functionality not only supports communication and collaboration across a variety of platforms — it also facilitates consistent messaging. Sales teams and supply chain managers can move from one conversation to the next across multiple channels without losing the context of the conversation or essential details about the customer because this information is centralized and accessible on one platform.

Because these records are centralized, managers can assess communications, service trends, and issues so that hiccups are addressed immediately. Omnichannel functionality enables manufacturing firms to monitor and improve communication efficiencies throughout the manufacturing environment.

Hybrid Work Capabilities

The nature of manufacturing requires many employees to be on-site in a plant or warehouse. According to McKinsey, 19-23 percent of manufacturing jobs have the potential to be remote.

In addition to unified communications (UC), CCaaS solutions provide manufacturers access to their contact centers from anywhere using cloud capabilities. This allows contact centers to operate remotely, reducing the company’s overall footprint and real estate costs. Calls can be routed to off-site extensions with the same efficiency and appearance as on-site extensions, which is beneficial in an on-site disaster or outage. With these capabilities, CCaaS solutions can become vital components in a business continuity strategy.

Consistent Message Reinforcement

Contact center technology goes beyond improving efficiencies to enhancing the quality of customer interactions. Contact center solutions enable agents and employees to view a contact’s credentials during outbound campaigns, so they are more prepared for the conversation, and inbound calls generate screen pops with details about the caller and their account.

Using built-in scripting tools like those found in Broadvoice CCaaS helps keep messaging consistent across channels, locations, and users. Script-building features use an easy drag-and-drop interface to guide conversations and customize interactions. Plus, scripts can be updated in real-time, allowing new information or campaign updates to be updated immediately.

Managers can also use call monitoring and call recording functions to perform quality control checks. By analyzing customer interactions using real-time analytics, managers can see trends such as frequently asked questions or service inquiries that present opportunities for improvement.

CCaaS Technology Helps Manufacturers Improve Communications

To bring their firms into the digital-first age, manufacturers should invest in contact center solutions like Broadvoice CCaaS to improve communications and guarantee business continuity throughout their operations.

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