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Today’s customers aren’t thrilled with the state of customer service. In one CBS survey, 74% of Americans reported having a problem with a product or service in the past year. Fun fact: this percentage has more than doubled over the past few decades.

Customers are tired of waiting in long phone queues. They’re frustrated with getting the runaround from a chatbot. And they’re sick of getting pushed endlessly through an IVR maze. Instead, what they really want is authentic, fast, and flexible service — something only a cloud call center can provide.

Your technology shouldn’t hinder you from providing good customer service. Instead, it should support your goals, empower your agents to help customers, drive productivity, and streamline your operations.

I guarantee it — you’ll see the return if you invest in tech that works with and for you. Happier agents, faster workflows, and more satisfied customers. Read on to understand how a cloud call center gives you a competitive advantage and transforms your customer experience.

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What is a Cloud Call Center?

A cloud call center uses cloud-based technology to manage inbound and outbound communications from a single dashboard. Because it relies on internet-hosted software and services, the call center infrastructure is available anywhere. That means agents can work from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, as long as they have an internet connection.

What’s the Difference Between On-Prem and the Cloud?

Moving your call center to the cloud means your tech operates pretty differently than an on-premise solution. Let me highlight the main differences between on-prem and cloud call center tech (and you’ll see why it’s worth the upgrade).

An on-premise call center is:  

  • Bound to a single location. On-premise solutions are installed and run on servers and infrastructure physically located on your company property. So, this means you own, maintain, and operate the hardware and software.
  • Expensive to maintain. While on-premise tech may give you a nice level of control over your security and hardware, it’s a costly investment. You must handle the initial setup, hire extra IT staff, and get proper compliance licensing.
  • Tricky to scale. If your company grows, you’ll need to make additional hardware purchases, which can be time-consuming and costly.

A cloud call center is:  

  • Available anywhere. Cloud solutions are hosted on servers, managed by external providers, and accessed over the internet. This means a third party manages the hardware and software off-site, giving you access to it anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexible in cost. A cloud call center typically operates on a subscription model with costs spread out over time. Plus, large initial investments in hardware aren’t needed since agents just need a computer and internet access to use it.
  • Scalable. A cloud call center is easy to scale. Organizations can easily add or remove resources based on demand without significant downtime or cost.

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How a Cloud Call Center Can Improve Your CX

Salesforce reports that 88% of customers say good customer service makes them more likely to buy again. If you invest in better customer experiences, you’ll see a direct impact on your bottom line (and your team morale). Here are a few ways a cloud call center improves your CX.

Anywhere, Anytime Availability

A cloud call center lets your customer service team operate from any location with internet. This has a few perks. For one, it’s easier to help your customers. By expanding your team across different time zones, you can provide more consistent support regardless of the time or location.

And secondly, a cloud call center gives your agents more flexibility in how and when they work. By offering hybrid and remote work models, you can reduce turnover and boost team morale.

Faster Resolutions

Advanced call routing and omnichannel support let you connect customers with the right agent on any channel. With intelligent routing, you empower agents to use their strengths to solve customer problems. Plus, they’ll be better equipped to solve problems faster, which, in turn, decreases wait times. With seamless communications and less waiting, you reduce customer frustration and improve satisfaction for agents and customers.

Self-Service Options

Up to 77% of customers view brands more positively if they provide self-service options. With a cloud call center, you can add custom IVR systems and virtual agents to provide more robust self-service tools.

Think of all the customers who just need a simple question answered. Now, imagine that your system can intercept those customers in the queue and answer their questions before they reach an agent.

IVRs and IVAs can significantly reduce call volumes, decrease hold times, and boost resolutions. All of this leads to happy customers. And with better self-service options, you reduce the amount of tedious work your agents complete, freeing them to build valuable skills and solve more complex issues.


Cloud call centers easily integrate with your other business tools and platforms, like CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and marketing software. This enables a seamless flow of information across systems and offers a holistic view of the customer journey. As a result, agents gain insights that enable personalized and informed customer interactions. And customers get a more authentic, personal experience with your brand.

Analytics and Reporting

Cloud call centers have comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that collect data across your systems and platforms. With this information, you gain deep insights into your call center’s performance and customer satisfaction, which you can use to adjust your strategies and training. You can also track trends in agent and customer behavior, monitor calls, and forecast when you will need more agents. And then, you can evaluate how you can improve your performance to wow customers and drive a superior customer experience.

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