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At Broadvoice, we care about every single customer equally—big or small. We know it’s easy to claim to “care,” but how do you really know? 

How about hearing it from our customers themselves? Read on for their experiences working with us, how we rise above our competitors, and why our customers think our agents are better than the rest. 

Tailored plans 

We understand that no two people are alike, just like no two businesses are alike. That’s why our agents will take the time to understand your business and its unique needs to help you craft the perfect plan. 

“Shanae took the time to explain the contract and offer the best service and pricing. She was very knowledgeable and accommodating to our schedule. She totally understood our needs and helped to find the best fit.” 

- Mari M. 



Price transparency 

We get it: running a small business isn’t cheap. Even minimal savings could mean a huge difference for your bottom line. We offer honest and transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and our agent will always work with you to make sure you’re getting the best value. 

“My agent saved me money by looking into my account and informing me that I already had a 1-800 number. Very honest and helpful.” 

– Rudo R.

Easy implementation 

Our technicians will take care of everything and customize your service to a T to get you up and running smoothly. And during your optimization period, we’ll set you up with a dedicated implementation team so you always have a trusted and familiar face to turn to anytime you need help.  

“I have reserved the 10 rating for a long time, but the tech who helped me was extremely kind, willing to help, and resolved my issue while explaining what she was doing in a very reasonable amount of time. This was an excellent experience.” 

– Steven B. 


We’re here for our customers 24/7 and all our on-site installations include free in-person training and onboarding. 

“My issue was resolved and the technician was very patient and helped me understand, step by step, how to do it for future reference. He did not just take over and do it himself. He really helped me see how to do it on my own.” 

– Laura B.

Our agents will gladly you walk you through every step of the process, so you feel empowered to use your new phone system on your own. 

“Tech support was very welcoming and informative. He took his time to show me step by step how to properly re-provision a phone. He allowed me the time to put him on hold to carry out all the steps and test the phone. He wanted to make sure I was completely satisfied and understood how to do the process myself.” 

– Ronald R. 

Ongoing support 

We believe small and medium-sized businesses deserve the same level of support as the big guys. However, many of our competitors don’t feel the same way. At RingCentral, you won’t get an engineer to look at your account with less than 25 seats. With us, every single customer matters regardless of seat size.  

“Support is, as always, top notch from Broadvoice.” 

– Benjamin S. 

Prompt responses 

If your service is not working properly, we understand it’s more than just an inconvenience, it could mean the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity.  

“I never have to wait long on the phone and they are always quick to answer my questions.” 

– Erika H. 

That’s why our customer service is always swift and prompt. We promise not to leave you on dreaded “hold” for too long and to always resolve your issue as quickly as possible. 

“Answered the phone quickly without me spending time on hold, and knew how to resolve my problem efficiently.” 

– Martha O. 


We firmly believe you cannot put a time limit on top-notch customer service. Once your call has been answered, our agent will spend as much time necessary to resolve the issue and ensure you are completely satisfied before they ever hang up. 

“My phone call was a little lengthy but he didn’t make me feel rushed and stayed on the line with me until my problem was fixed!”

– Hannah C. 

Consistent communication  

We believe communication is paramount to any relationship. Our agents will never leave you in the dark wondering if someone is working to solve your problem. They will always clearly communicate what is being done and the next steps that need to occur. 

The technician was excellent to work with and really stuck with the problem until we got it resolved.  I appreciated his updates and communication, too.  Nothing is worse than not knowing if someone is working on your issue.” 

– Lisa C. 

If your problem can’t be resolved with one phone call, our agents will keep you updated about the progress of your ticket with regular check-ins so you always know its status. 

“Michael was exceptionally communicative! He consistently set and met expectations regarding callbacks and ETAs, was very courteous, and was able to provide me multiple valid solutions in a relatively short time frame. I would gladly work with your customer service again.” 

– Tyler M.


Regular follow-up 

It’s not enough to just solve your problem, our agents will follow-up to make sure that no other issues arise.  

“John was helpful from beginning to end and left no questions unanswered.  He even followed up to make sure all was doing good.”

– Fallon, P. 

Seriously satisfied customers 

Be warned: you might be so satisfied with our customer service that you’ll want your agent to win an award or get a raise. It’s not uncommon. We only hire the best of the best. 

“My technician is the best – he should get a raise like right now!  He seriously is the best customer support person I have ever worked with at Broadvoice.” 

– Dennis V. 

And even if a problem does take a while to solve, our agent won’t give up until the issue is completely taken care of.  

Actually, the most important reason is not listed. Jonathan was PERSISTANT to find the cause of the problem and resolved it quickly. We need more Jonathans in this world to make it GREAT.” 

– Tim O.

From designing the perfect plan, to implementation, to training, to ongoing support, our customer service agents are there for you every step of the way. 

“One of the best customer services I’ve ever dealt with.” 

– Andy G.

You deserve the best customer service 

If you feel dissatisfied with your current provider or think you’re not receiving top-notch customer service, check out Broadvoice today. 

Be brilliant about the way you connect.

Our team loves to talk. Let’s chat about the VoIP solution that’s right for your business.

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