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Cloud communication platforms are cloud-based solutions that allow organizations to integrate voice, messaging, and video into existing enterprise applications through APIs. The demand for cloud services has recently increased due to the growth of the BPO (business process outsourcing) sector. The seismic shift in the communication market has contributed to its growth as well, along with the cost-effectiveness of cloud-based communication platforms.

Some of the best communication platforms include Broadvoice, WhatsApp Business, Telegram, TextMagic, Vonage Communications, Bandwidth, Telynx, Avaya OneCloud, Plivo, Sinch, and Twilio.

This article will look at each of them, giving information about their details, location, and top features.


1) Broadvoice

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Top features: Cloud PBX, SIP trunking, VoIP, and business text messaging.

Summary: Broadvoice is the go-to communication and collaboration platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform offers a suite of services and solutions that are all cloud-based and can be managed under one dashboard. The different features work together seamlessly, making it more reliable and affordable than traditional phone systems and enabling work to happen from anywhere.


2) Sinch

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Top features: Two-factor identification, API and SDK integration, multi-user global communication, and app simulation.

Summary: Sinch, formerly known as CLX communications, is a cloud communications service that offers businesses a range of SMS messaging services. It also supports popular coding languages. Sinch offers businesses the ability to make video and voice calls and send text messages to several customers. Unlike consumer platforms that are used between individuals, Sinch is primarily for businesses.


3) Twilio

Location: San Francisco, USA

Top Features: WhatsApp communication and easy navigation.

Summary: Twilio is easy to start, reliable, and provides WhatsApp communication. Twilio also offers substantial resources for users to easily navigate the most technical issues. However, Twilio still needs to work on their business as they restrict log data rows, thereby making users unable to export complete log data.


4) TextMagic

Location: England, UK

Top features: SMS, email to SMS, and virtual phone numbers.

Summary: TextMagic is a cloud communication platform that enables businesses to send text messages online to their clients and staff, import contacts, and manage lists. You can add text messaging to your business workflow by integrating their SMS gateway with your website or software using SMS API tools.


5) Telegram

Location: London, UK

Top features: Open-source, free messaging, and device synchronization.

Summary: Telegram is a cloud communication service used by mid-sized companies and the information technology & services industry. Telegram is a secure connection to talk, video chat, or text with clients who want more privacy with their personal information.


6) WhatsApp Business

Location: USA

Top features: Quick replies, label organization, and automated messaging.

Summary: WhatsApp is widely available, easy to navigate, and readily used by most businesses. It provides a place for you to attach a company profile by submitting open and closed business galleries and pictures of your product. There is also an auto-reply capability for customers who contact you, plus you can set quick information about the company. 


7) Telynx

Location: USA, although it has offices worldwide

Top features: Private IP network and RESTful API.

Summary: Telynx is a cloud communication service that helps you regularly add and tweak features on its clean and modern web portal. Their interface is user-friendly, plus their reporting is transparent and makes it easy to control expenses. Migration of numbers is also straightforward and there is call tracking.


8) Bandwidth

Location: Raleigh, USA

Top features: Automated customer surveys, conference calls, messaging, and virtual call center.

Summary: If you are looking to provide phone service without taking on the cost of becoming a CLEC, then you should consider Bandwidth. Businesses use them primarily for call origination, termination, e911, Dynamic 911, SMS (SMPP), and CNAM lookup.


9) Vonage Communications 

Location: Holmdel, USA

Top features: Voice, messaging, video, and data.

Summary: Vonage has high technical and account support levels for businesses and offers simple integrations. However, there’s still a need to improve reporting options to be able to slice-and-dice data in different ways, specifically regarding phone numbers. Learn more with this Vonage comparison to Broadvoice. 


10) CloudContactAI

Location: San Francisco, USA

Top features: 2-way SMS marketing and voice marketing.

Summary: CloudContactAI is excellent for contact lists and facilitating email campaigns. They offer unique user-first engagement tools and features to help you get optimal results on your SMS, email, and voice campaigns. 


11) Plivo

Location: San Francisco, USA

Top features: SMS API platform 

Summary: Plivo is a leading cloud communication platform that offers a simple, fast, and scalable way for a company to modernize their business communications. Plus, their tech support is quick to respond to questions/issues that arise. Many businesses use Plivo’s API and SDKs to program voice and SMS capabilities within their applications. 


12) ShoutOUT

Location: Cincinnati, USA

Top features: Sales CRM and personalization.

Summary: ShoutOUT is an all-in-one customer communication platform working with over 300+ brands in 40+ countries. They support businesses who want to keep in touch with their customers using automated, personalized, and targeted SMS and emails. They also have a WhatsApp Business API & Facebook Messenger integration.


13) MessageBird

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top features: SMS messaging, VoIP calling, transcription, and recording.

Summary: This product allows you to control agent communication and activity. As a leading cloud communications platform with its telecommunications carrier infrastructure, their SMS, voice, and conversation APIs make communication effortless, efficient, and accessible.


14) Dolby.io

Location: Paris, France

Top features: Text chat feature, web meetings, calendar, and email.

Summary: Dolby.io is a media processing and interactivity API platform for building communications workflows into apps, formerly known as Voxeet. It aims to enable developers, content creators, and businesses to enhance interactions and content to deliver spectacular communications and collaboration.


15) CONTUS MirrorFly

Location: Chennai, India

Top features: Secure video conferencing, live broadcasting, geolocation tracking, and chat analytics.

Summary: CONTUS MirrorFly is an instant messaging app solution that helps businesses build chat apps. CONTUS MirrorFly has been in business for over a decade and provides chat app solutions from startups to more established brands. 


16) thinQ

Location: Raleigh, USA

Top features: Voice calling and text messaging.

Summary: thinQ is a cloud communications platform that offers transparent, resilient, and cost-effective voice and messaging communications. They make it effortless to create route profiles and trunks for outbound voice calls, buy and port phone numbers, enable text messaging, plus so much more.


17) Podium

Location: Lehi, USA

Top features: Customer messaging management

Summary: Podium assists businesses by collecting payment via text, text-enabling their website with Webchat, collecting important reviews on their sites, and gathering private feedback from customers. With Podium, you can manage all your customer messages from one central dashboard using Inbox.


18) Zipwhip

Location: Seattle, USA

Top features: Two-way text messaging 

Summary: Zipwhip provides texting for businesses to help companies of all sizes engage with their customers faster and more effectively. With Zipwhip, a business can text (SMS) enable their existing landline, VoIP, or toll-free number and text customers using their convenient desktop, web, and mobile apps. 


19) Hearsay

Location: San Francisco, USA

Top features: Content management

Summary: Hearsay provides the Hearsay Advisor Cloud for financial services. This helps advisors to efficiently use social media, websites, text, and email to engage with customers, build stronger relationships, and ultimately grow their business. 


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