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An intuitive collaboration tool with VoIP functionality.

Search contacts and view their availability

Mobile caller ID matches office phone identity

Broadvoice’s b-hive unified communication as a service (UCaaS) is a suite of enterprise level communications features that allows employees to easily find, connect and communicate with each other in real time using presence, instant messaging and voice. These internet-based tools gives the user the same experience from the desktop to mobile keeping work moving effortlessly.

Today’s workplaces are changing quicker than projects can be completed. Time honored project management skills now can be seen as bottle necks to getting work done. Having a tool that offers true collaboration between departments opens your company to more possibilities and increases your ability to outpace your competition.

Tailor-made for small to medium business, Broadvoice’s b-hive strips away the heavy costs giving access to all businesses this productivity enhancing tool.

Business communications at YOUR fingertips, another way to save.

Broadvoice b-hive self service portal gives you the ability to manage all day to day changes in your communication services – done are the days of paying for moves, adds & changes. With role assignment employees have the ability to:

  • Users can access their personal call configurational logs, voice mail, fax and messages
  • Managers have access to their personal information and call analytics
  • Admins have their personal information, plus virtual call center and call analytics. Admins can also add/delete users, set user configurations and overall call flows.
What can UCaaS do for you?
Future proof your business. New feature and functionality are added automatically, allowing your IT department to focus on your core business.
What else can Broadvoice’s b-hive UCaaS can do?
  • Has a web-based Communicator tool for easy acces
  • Call management reports and analytics give managers in depth knowledge of how their employees work
  • Never miss a call with the find me/follow me capabilities
  • Easily add a virtual call center into the same platform, giving your customers better service within the same easy to use system
  • Searchable contacts with the communicator make collaboration as easy as a few keystrokes
  • Soft phone only applications give millennials the choice on how they communicate
  • SMS and text from within the communicator, keeping all business communication in one location
The Mobile App

Let your employees take their work with them with Broadvoice’s b-hive mobile app. Move away from the 9-5 workday opening up your staff to find the work-life balance they need to create a peaceful home life while increasing their productivity. Our current workforce is more in tuned with their personal needs. With our mobile app employees are able to:

  • Transfer calls from their desk phones to their mobile devices as they need
  • Access their mobile phone directory
  • Appear to be using their business phone, even from soccer practice

More importantly, with Broadvoice b-hive mobile app, all the contacts and communication stay with your company.

“Soft phone” app enables IP calls via computer

Keep instant messages within the b-hive system and away from personal devices