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We’re grateful that the holidays are finally here. We hope you’re looking forward to some much-needed time off, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying delicious food.

It’s been a wonderful and challenging year for us, and yet we couldn’t have done it without you, our customers.

Running a business takes a village, and we think of our customers as part of that village. This why we sat down with five of our leaders and asked them a simple question: why are you thankful for your customers?

Here are the reasons you make our days here at Broadvoice so much more meaningful.

1. You trust us.

George M

“Communication is the most critical aspect of any business. Either internally with teams or externally with clients, businesses need the right systems and tools to communicate effectively. I am honored that our customers place their trust in Broadvoice to provide them with the right cloud communications platform for all their voice and collaboration needs.“

George Mitsopoulos, COO


2. You support our passion.image of jim murphy

“Our customers allow us to do what we’re passionate about. Our purpose is to create meaningful connections, and it’s exciting to provide a product for our customers that enables meaningful connections for their businesses.“

Jim Murphy, Co-founder and CEO


3. You allow us to bring people together.


We have the ability and tools to create meaningful connections, and without our customers we wouldn’t be able to help create those interactions, whether it’s calling a colleague, a grandchild, or a client.

Darrin Ingram, VP of Customer Experience


4. You support our passion.image of khoi

“I’m grateful for the constructive feedback, suggestions, and ideas from our customers. Through surveys, emails, and online forms, our customers provide us with regular feedback that allows us to better serve our customers and be successful. We appreciate it so much that we are interviewing our customers directly to learn more about what they want to see in our products and services.“

Khoi Nguyen, Head of Product


5. You allow us to bring people together.

image of Sam G.

“Let’s be honest. We wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for our customers. Because of their business, we can reinvest in ours, grow as a company, and continue to improve our processes, products and interactions.“

Sam Ghahremanpour, President


Be brilliant about the way you connect.

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