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What is VoIP texting? 

An essential factor in running a business is productive communication. Companies need to communicate with their employees, suppliers, and customers—and need to do so constantly. An effective communication method helps businesses contact their stakeholders, improve their brand recognition, increase sales and maximize revenues. Today, SMS text messaging is one of the major forms of communication that provides all these benefits. Texting is a very reliable communication method because of its simplicity and ease of use. 

An increasing number of businesses are adopting VoIP services and are using its many features to enhance their productivity and efficiency. Many people associate VoIP with voice calls, but some do not realize that internet-based communications services can provide other vital functionalities such as text messaging. 

This article will discuss VoIP text messaging, how it works, the various benefits of using the VoIP messaging functionality, and how you can incorporate it into your business. Before we continue, please note that VoIP texting is a catch-all term for SMS messaging over an internet connection. For example, you can easily send an SMS message through the number attached to your VoIP solution.

How do I send a VoIP SMS?

So now that you know that VoIP not only helps you make voice calls but also enables you to send and receive text messages: the question is, how does it work?

VoIP text messaging works using a virtual phone number to send a text. When using a mobile phone, you can send and receive text messages from another mobile user. The same thing applies when using VoIP, but you are not restricted to a mobile device. The virtual phone number is assigned to the user and not to any specific device which allows the user to send text messages over the internet. Therefore, you can send text messages from your mobile device, PC, laptop, or tablet.

Like many other communication solutions, VoIP has various pros and cons which are important to consider when making the best decision for your business. 

Pros of VoIP texting

1. VoIP texting conveys messages faster

One of the significant benefits of VoIP SMS is instant communication. Sending, receiving, and replying to a text message can be done quickly. Unlike email, texting doesn’t require too many formalities, a simple “yes” or “no” is enough. Upgrading to VoIP texting makes communication even more seamless. 

2. Text messages are high priority

A VoIP text is seen as a high priority and gets read immediately, unlike emails that might get postponed and forgotten. It is no surprise that text messages have an open rate of 98%. The high volume of emails has conditioned us to treat email as low-priority, and oftentimes we see excessive emails as unimportant. On the other hand, VoIP SMS is viewed as a high-priority medium.

3. VoIP texting is concise

With a text character limit of 160, SMS forces us to say more with less. Customers appreciate shorter, concise messages because it requires you to cut through all the fluff.

4. Texting is conversational

Texting is more personal and conversational, while email tends to be formal. The nature of the medium makes it feel like an ongoing discussion and permits us to talk like we would face to face. Additionally, SMS has gained notoriety for being more enjoyable than email. Businesses can utilize emojis, GIFs, stickers, and different components to make their messages stick out.

5. Texting is a trusted medium

Messaging has become a preferred medium of communication among customers because it’s more reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, the low volume of spam in text messages makes people eager to receive and read their texts.


Cons of VoIP texting

1. It doesn’t work for long-form communication

What some may consider beneficial with VoIP texting can also be considered a disadvantage in some instances. SMS is not meant to deliver long messages, so it is essential to make sure every note is straightforward. 

2. It can feel intrusive

SMS is a direct and more personal medium, so receiving a message from a business can be considered overwhelming and intrusive for some people.  


Why should small & medium size businesses use VoIP texting?

90% of customers prefer texting instead of talking on the phone or email. Small and medium-sized businesses can use VoIP texting in several ways, including:

1. Send text messages to many customers at the same time

One of the primary uses of VoIP messaging is to send messages to a group of people all at once. VoIP texting allows you to send an SMS to 20, 35, or even 50 people with ease. 

2. Automation

VoIP service providers, like Bubble by Broadvoice, give you access to advanced features that help you automate the text message sending process and save you time. For example, you can schedule the date and time to send a series of text messages. 

3. Cost efficiency

Sending multiple text messages through a local phone provider or carrier can be expensive. However, with VoIP, you can send bulk messages at a cheaper rate. 

4. Alternate communication channel

When customers know that they have various ways of contacting you, they are more likely to trust your brand and buy more of your products and services. This gives customers a secondary contact method if they’re unable to reach your team via email or phone.

5. Efficient business process

When businesses use VoIP texting, it can improve their business offerings. For example, they can send appointment confirmations and reminders, help with customer service, and much more.


How do SMBs incorporate VoIP texting?

Here are various ways that small businesses are effectively incorporating VoIP texting:

  • Bill reminders

Companies using an ERP or a homegrown database for customer accounts can connect a database using an API to a VoIP platform to improve collection efforts. Automatic text reminders from your VoIP service can streamline the process and keep clients informed.

  • Communicating with customer service

Businesses can use texting to improve communications with customer service. If you operate a large organization, consolidating your customer service anywhere via VoIP texting can be beneficial.

  • Inform customers about sales and updates

For companies that offer software products and solutions, you may need to communicate critical software updates to your clients. You can use VoIP texts to inform your clients, and they will see it instantly. You can also send out marketing messages at a moment’s notice if you want to generate traffic. Even drip campaigns can be built on the platform and sent out as automated messages.


Is VoIP SMS affordable?

VoIP solutions are generally cheaper than using other traditional communications services. Other forms of communication can cost tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to maintenance costs and physical space. Upgrading to VoIP doesn’t require any additional infrastructure or physical hardware. Instead, the only requirement is a pre-existing internet connection which will save you costs in the long run. This also means that features like SMS are accessible at no real additional cost. 

It is not surprising that VoIP texting has become mainstream for businesses and industries. Text messages provide a modest way of communicating with teams and customers without the hassle. It is becoming popular among companies, as more consumers prefer to communicate with companies through text. Therefore, if you are looking to add text messaging to your business, consider Bubble by Broadvoice or contact us so we can find the right solution for your business needs.

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