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Delivering exceptional customer service is the key to a successful contact center, and one way to do this is by implementing a queue callback function. Broadvoice now offers this feature as part of the b-hive platform. Queue callback not only enhances contact center performance but improves the customer experience.

Waiting on hold for long periods creates a poor customer experience and reflects poorly on the contact center and the company. The Broadvoice b-hive unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform with built-in call center capabilities now has a queue callback function to solve this problem. With b-hive’s queue callback feature, customers can request a callback instead of waiting on hold, allowing them to attend to other tasks instead of being stuck in a call queue.

In addition to improving wait times, the queue callback feature also:

  1. Maintains a caller’s place in the queue. When callers request a callback, they don’t lose their position in the queue, making them less likely to hang up and redial the business number in the hopes that an agent will answer the new call. When call centers experience high call volumes, queue callback assures callers their call is important and that someone will return their call shortly.
  2. Decreases call abandonment rates. Lengthy wait times can cause customers to abandon their call altogether. b-hive’s queue callback provides callers with an alternative to waiting on hold, which decreases the number of abandoned calls, improves call-completion metrics, and increases customer satisfaction rates.
  3. Improves call center productivity. b-hive’s queue callback provides real-time visibility into critical metrics such as the number of calls waiting, how many agents are on calls, which agents are available/unavailable, the status of callbacks, and more. You can even control when to offer the callback option, such as after a caller has been on hold for five minutes or specific call queues like technical support. This gives call centers enhanced flexibility to fine-tune queues to fit the needs of the business.
  4. Increases the number of successfully connected calls. A high number of connected calls speaks volumes about the effectiveness of a contact center. Customers who request a callback are more likely to answer the return call in the hopes of resolving their issue or concern. b-hive’s queue callback feature even offers customized outbound caller IDs, ensuring customers won’t mistake an agent’s call as spam.
  5. Lowers operational costs. By decreasing the number of abandoned calls and increasing the number of successful connections, the queue callback function can help reduce the amount of time and resources spent on call backlogs, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the call center and leading to a substantial reduction in operational costs and an increase in profitability.
  6. Improves the effectiveness of customer conversations. With queue callback, customers are more likely to enter a conversation with a positive mindset. As a result, they’re more likely to have productive and positive interactions, remain loyal to the business, recommend services to others, and leave positive reviews.
  7. Enhances agent performance and morale. With queue callback, customer conversations are smoother and more positive, which reduces the stress put on agents, boosts morale, and creates a positive and productive work environment.

b-hive’s queue callback feature offers several benefits to improve the performance of call centers and enhance the customer experience. As part of a customer communications strategy, queue callback can help businesses attract new customers, retain existing ones, and reinforce the businesses’ reputation of being customer-focused.

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