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The Broadvoice product team is excited to announce a new enhancement available in early July, the Calendar Plugin for the b-hive Communicator.

As a company, we love listening to customer feedback to enhance the customer experience and the end-to-end customer journey with UCaaS solutions that simplify your daily workflow.

As a new value prop to the b-hive Communicator platform, the Calendar Plugin integrates with Google and Outlook calendars for a seamless experience to schedule your meetings.

With the new enhancement, you are just one click away from scheduling meetings through Communicator by clicking on the Broadvoice icon in the Google or Outlook ecosystem. A Communicator meeting link then displays automatically in your meeting invite.

The Calendar Plugin is embedded to improve our customers and user journeys workflow to simplify the process and enhance productivity and efficiency with ease of scheduling.

Bindiya Jain, Vice President of Product Management said, “I am excited about the new Calendar Plugin enhancement because we are now part of the larger ecosystem. We are integrated with the calendars of the two big players in the market, Outlook, and Google to provide our users with the ability to schedule a seamless experience in the b-hive Communicator within those two calendars.”

The Calendar Plugin is the newest addition to the incremental roadmap of our product team following the steps of MS Teams Integration that enables outbound calls with the b-hive platform. These enhancements are meant to drive adoption and meet enterprise users with tech solutions that optimize on their natural preference in the workflow.

Broadvoice is committed to creating UCaaS solutions that evolve with and accelerate your business. On the future roadmap, after announcing the Calendar Plugin, the product team is looking toward delivering a two-way calendar integration for b-hive Communicator, Outlook, and Google that is responsive to our customer’s workflow and business needs.

Want to learn how b-hive Communicator and the new Calendar Plugins can benefit your team’s workflow? Schedule a demo with us.

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