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Today, we’re proud to announce a major update to our b-hive Communicator app, with a redesigned interface, an all-new video experience and more. 

Adapting to the evolving workforce

With the explosion of remote work and the need for collaboration tools, we set out to develop the best experience possible for our customers with a large-scale update to Communicator.

We researched, surveyed customers, and evaluated trends in the industry, and now we are proud to announce the new and improved b-hive Communicator app.

Communicator’s all-new interface, brand-new video experience, and deeper integration with b-hive, gives you everything you need to empower your team to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Now that the updated experience is available, here are the top 6 ways the new app can benefit your team:


1. All-in-one communication and collaboration platform

It’s easy to feel like your business is drowning in collaboration tools. Many teams have one tool for their phone system, one for video conferencing, and sometimes an additional tool for SMS texting. We were determined not to add more one-off apps to your stack, so instead we designed one tool for all your team’s collaboration needs.

The new Communicator allows teammates to call, text, chat, and video conference with each other and customers all within the same app. The entire platform has been streamlined so your team can handle all their tasks from a single window that’s integrated with your business phone number.

What’s even better—you don’t have to be a phone expert to leverage the system. We’ll take care of training your new hires and we will continue to be available for ongoing support throughout the entire process. You focus on your business; we’ll focus on the rest.


2. All-new video experience

In this remote-first world, video is the way of the future. To set your team up for success, we updated the back end of our video platform to allow for stable and secure video calling.

Now Communicator supports up to 50 simultaneous video users and even more can join as callers. Team members have the freedom to decide whether they want a video call to be public or private and they can create a meeting lobby so only they (as the host) can admit guests.

A screenshot of the new Communicator app and the all-new video experience with 9 participants.

The new video experience also gives your team access to their full communication history including call recordings, chat history, and participants so they never lose track of valuable information.


3. Less back and forth

Previously, teams had to switch to the b-hive portal to check their voicemails and faxes. Not anymore! The new Communicator app makes it so your team can check your voicemail and faxes directly within the Communicator platform.


4. Seamless team collaboration

We understand conversations are constantly evolving—sometimes a quick text needs to turn into a full-blown video call or a chat needs to move to a phone call. With the new Communicator app, your team has the flexibility to collaborate however works best for them.

Team members can start a text, call, or video conference all from the same window, and they can chat one-on-one or in groups depending on whatever serves them best. They also have access to your full company directory with numbers, extensions, and email addresses, so they can easily start a chat or message with anyone at the company with a single click.


The new b-hive Communicator platform with chat, video, and calling.

Communicator is part of our all-in-one communication platform, b-hive—the comprehensive hub that allows you to manage your complete business phone system anytime, anywhere. Click here to learn more.


5. Superior customer experiences

Communicator gives your team the power to switch from one mode of communication to the next depending on whatever suits the customer best.

If they are on a call with a customer and they want to send them a link to a FAQ to help them better understand the product, they can easily text that customer while still on the phone.

Or if a team member needs to walk a customer through something, they can switch from a phone call to a video call so they are able to share their screen with the customer and provide them with the best experience possible.


6. Take calls while on the go

Now with the new b-hive mobile app—available on iOS and Android devices—you can carry your conversations with you. Place calls, send texts, video conference, and collaborate with your teammates—all from your business phone number, right on your mobile device. Connecting with teammates has never been easier!


If you’re ready to adapt to the new normal of remote work and give your employees the flexibility to succeed—without adding another provider to your stack—the new Communicator app was designed for YOU. To learn more about the new Communicator experience and how it can benefit your team, let’s chat.

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