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In the last week, some customers may have had trouble with inbound calling. The root cause of the recent service interruptions stems from a concerted effort to attack the telecommunications infrastructure in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Given the far-reaching impact of this outage across multiple carriers, we see it as our responsibility to be transparent, share information and support you in communicating and protecting your business. Broadvoice, like many businesses, has invested heavily over recent years to bolster our cybersecurity and defenses.

Fortunately, Broadvoice has NOT been a target of these recent DDOS attacks.

However, some of our customers’ inbound calling have been affected as part of the nationwide disruption of service from these attacks. The attackers are targeting some of the major wholesale telephone carriers in the United States that route the individual phone numbers.

The attack against the largest one, Bandwidth.com, has interrupted voice services for companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple and unified communications carriers across the board. The impact is now making international headlines due to the widespread effect to businesses across the globe.  

Our engineering teams are actively engaged and monitoring the situation. For the latest status or to subscribe to email or text updates, please visit status.broadvoice.com.

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