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Broadvoice’s desktop and mobile applications were designed to live at the center of your business communications. And while we’re always making updates and improvements, we’ve recently deployed several stability enhancements to ensure you have a seamless experience.


Unread Messages

  • The unread message badge correctly decrements when the user has read a message, on all channels
  • The inner and outer message counter badges are now in sync and increment/decrement correctly


  • iOS users can now make calls when the group’s members are on an active call
  • When a user initiates a call, the system attempts to reconnect the SIP so the call is successfully connected without any error. And we’ve added a keep alive mechanism for the SIP, which runs every 15 seconds. This means that the SIP retries connecting after every 15 seconds
  • Users can now make outbound calls with the * prefix without issue


  • Do Not Disturb status is now respected at all times and does not go away if the app is temporarily inactive
  • The new availability is automatically updated on the user interface
  • Users can activate Do Not Disturb mode while on an active call without interrupting or dropping the call


  • Archived conversations no longer show up unless a user receives a new message on the archived chat.
  • Users can now receive accurate notifications when they’re mentioned in group chats, directing them to the correct group conversation

Contact and User Management

  • Users can now move contacts from personal lists to Directory Contacts, giving you better organization and accessibility to contacts
  • You can now filter contacts based on a number of formats, including hyphens, brackets, and spaces, streamlining your contact management
  • Users will now experience a consistent display of contact names across calls, SMS, and chat, ensuring clarity and ease of communication
  • All Directory users are now visible in the user interface, providing a comprehensive view of available contacts


  • Android users will now receive push notifications when they’re invited to a video meeting, allowing them timely participation in virtual discussions

iOS Mobile App

  • Users of our iOS mobile app will no longer be involuntarily logged out every 24 hours

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