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What Is Visual Voicemail?

In our hyper-connected world, businesses rely on cloud communications solutions to help facilitate exceptional customer and employee experiences and worldwide collaboration. One feature that has made communications more seamless and efficient is visual voicemail.

Visual voicemail is a messaging feature that allows users to view and manage their voicemails without having to call their voicemail — think of it as an email inbox for voicemails. The best part is that these voicemails are easily accessed from a smartphone, saving users time managing their messages by not using automated phone menus or listening to voicemails in chronological order.

How Does Visual Voicemail Work?

The audio from the voicemail is translated into text, making it easily accessible by phone or computer. This creates an “inbox” of transcribed messages that users can listen to and manage without dialing phone numbers or calling their voicemail.

With visual voicemail, users can organize, archive, and respond to messages using their phone, computer, or an app — users can even respond directly to transcribed messages using text, call, or email. Visual voicemail also integrates with other features in various cloud communications solutions to help route calls.

Visual Voicemail for Android and iPhone

On an iPhone, users access their voicemail through the phone app, and from there, they can listen to the audio message or tap the number that left the voicemail to access the transcription. The transcription even provides a hyperlink to the phone number left in the voicemail so the user can return the phone call directly from the message.

iPhone and Android users can enjoy the efficiency and convenience of visual voicemail when they are at work, at home, and on the go.

Benefits of Visual Voicemail

There are several benefits to using visual voicemail for business, such as:

  • Accessibility. Visual voicemail is accessible by phone, computer, and on the desktop and mobile versions of b-hive, so users can stay connected wherever they are.
  • Productivity. Visual voicemail saves time by allowing users to prioritize messages and screen calls using caller ID.
  • Efficiency. Visual voicemail simplifies workflows by allowing users to return calls from a single screen/platform.
  • Convenience. Visual voicemail allows users to organize and manage their communications.
  • Ease-of-use. Visual voicemail allows users to listen to messages directly from their smartphone without calling a separate system.

Visual voicemail allows users to have the ultimate control over their voicemails by saving time, prioritizing messages, and improving accessibility and workflows. By streamlining communications with features such as visual voicemail, businesses can improve the customer service experience and stay connected anywhere, anytime.

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