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We are excited for summer days to come with the iridescent rays of sunshine that illuminate the season—it unfolds to be many people’s favorite time of year. The pool is perfect for swimming, the barbecues are in full swing, and the great weather is inviting you to set work aside and relax and unwind. It’s time to put down the phone and jump in the pool with your family.  

Wherever you are this summer, Broadvoice’s business communication platform can help you enjoy and unplug during fun times while staying connected when it’s time for business.  

Keep business communication separate from personal  

As a business, even during the allure of summer, we know you need to remain growth-minded and available for conversations that matter during business hours.  

Our seamless solution for business communications provides full capabilities such as text, call, chat, and video which allows you to stay in touch with your customers and teammates on your schedule.  

The best part is that now, you can text using a primary business number from your personal device. This delineates a clear line between your business and personal life, which is an important component for overall wellbeing.  

Also, this flexibility gives you freedom and empowers better communication practices for your business.  

Broadvoice’s motto for the summer is for business conversations to happen, “whenever, wherever”.  

Make collaboration seamless 

Every business, regardless of size or industry, extends to more than just you—it’s a team effort. Now, you can anticipate your teams’ needs and workflow with business communication platform designed for the evolution of business. Teams that leverage b-hive Communicator make collaboration seamless, flexible, and productive. One-on-one or group chats become easy to schedule with team status updates. Your team can enjoy the summer days yet enhance workflow during business hours when it’s time to work smarter. 

Stay connected on summer days away   

We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to achieve effortless business communication, including staying connected in a remote work environment.  

Our full business phone capabilities right from the Broadvoice b-hive Mobile App will help you make the most of your business conversations. You don’t have to wonder where the conversation left off or track multiple conversations across devices—the b-hive Mobile App manages all your conversation in one place. Your business can continue to share great ideas, service customers, and enhance day-to-day operations with reliable connectivity.  

Summer is the time to spend with your family while also intentionally managing and growing your business with cloud communications you can rely on “whenever, wherever”. Broadvoice believes in the power of a more connected business that supports your lifestyle, in and out of the office, to build on those daily moments, interactions, and conversations to become more brilliant at business.

Are you ready to learn how b-hive can make your business communications easier this summer? Click here for a demo.

Up next, MS Teams’ integration with new features and capabilities that make using MS Teams a summer breeze for your business. 

Be brilliant about the way you connect.

Our team loves to talk. Let’s chat about the VoIP solution that’s right for your business.

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