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In today’s competitive, fast-paced workforce, the health and growth of businesses depend on how flexible they are in adapting to changes in volume and demand. Managing costs, achieving higher productivity, and ensuring IT systems are responsive to business needs is possible if businesses invest in the right platforms and software. The contact center as a service (CCaaS) technology businesses use can provide distinct advantages and differentiation.

Broadvoice CCaaS is a cloud contact center platform built for small and mid-market enterprises and BPOs. Here are 5 features/functionalities that make Broadvoice CCaaS different from other competitors in the industry.

An Omnichannel Platform

Contact center needs are continually changing, and Broadvoice CCaaS provides the flexibility needed to adapt to changes in call volume and demands. Our CCaaS platform is specifically designed to be responsive, adaptable, and flexible to meet the unique needs of contact centers and BPOs, streamline operations, and empower IT stakeholders.

The Broadvoice CCaaS omnichannel platform reduces overall technological complexity by allowing agents to monitor all communications channels from a single interface. The platform also enables BPOs to reach consumers more effectively while freeing IT teams to focus on tasks that add the most value to the business.

Low Costs

Broadvoice CCaaS offers a flexible pricing model which allows BPOs to save money by only paying for what they use. Our customers typically experience 35 to 50 percent savings based on our peak usage per month pricing model.

The costs associated with Broadvoice CCaaS are typically lower than legacy on-premise systems that require hardware updates and extensive end-of-life support from system providers. Our systems automatically update and operate from the cloud, so there’s never hardware to worry about or updates to install.

Smart Scripting

With our advanced Smart Scripting feature, agent scripts are built using a drag-and-drop, low-code/no-code interface that’s user-friendly and easy to implement. Scripts designed with Smart Scripting provide agents with information, link to web service APIs, and collect data for reporting and analytics. With this information, supervisors can determine what’s working and make adjustments to ensure agents can access field-tested, high-performing scripts.

Advanced Dialer

Broadvoice CCaaS has an advanced dialer that simplifies and streamlines calling so agents can be more productive in their daily tasks. With our Preview, Power, and Predictive Dialer features, businesses and BPOs can take on mass campaigns using automation to generate predictions and do the work of dialing recipients.

Given the recent challenges with recruiting and retaining talent in many BPO markets, having technological support for agents is essential. Using Broadvoice’s advanced Dialer, day-to-day tasks become less tedious, and agents can be empowered to meet their goals and be successful.

Voicemail Detection

Thanks to Voicemail Detection, agents can spend more time on active calls. On average, the feature detects more than 90 percent of voicemails, saving agents time and improving their productivity and efficiency.

Using Voicemail Detection, callers can reach the right person on the first call and avoid wasting time on machine-answered calls. Since human-answered calls are a top priority for customers, contact centers should prioritize them and ensure agents are available to answer calls.

Transform BPO Operations with Broadvoice CCaaS

With the right CCaaS system, BPOs can transform their organizations and optimize their operations. With Broadvoice CCaaS, BPOs can create seamless experiences across voice, chat, email, text, and social media while improving key performance indicators, streamlining operations, and enhancing the customer experience. Broadvoice CCaaS gives BPOs the technology they need to optimize and fine-tune their organizations in today’s rapidly changing business environments.

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