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A common concern among employees is ambient noise, especially when they’re on the phone. People working from home may worry about taking calls because of children playing in the background or dogs barking. Employees working in the office may be concerned about everyday noises such as office chatter or maintenance work. Even employees working in the field may worry about background noises coming through the call.

Broadvoice has you covered no matter what is happening in the background.

All our phones provide noise and echo cancellation, ensuring your conversations are always quiet and clear. With our virtual softphone (b-hive Communicator) and mobile app, these features are programmed into the software. Noise and echo cancellation is built into the hardware of the Polycom and Yealink phones using specifically designed microphones.

Our Polycom phones have an acoustic fence technology that offers inherent noise and echo cancellation for all calls thanks to microphones inside the phone that exclude the ambient noises around you.

Our Yealink phones use acoustic shields — an array of microphones built into the phone — that provide echo and noise cancellation by excluding any audio that doesn’t match the audio from the primary microphone.

Regardless of the phone you use, the same clarity is guaranteed on every call.

At Broadvoice, our goal is to provide meaningful connections regardless of the channel. Our echo cancellation feature guarantees that your calls will be clear and quiet no matter where you are or what device you use.

Be brilliant about the way you connect.

Our team loves to talk. Let’s chat about the VoIP solution that’s right for your business.

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