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Contact centers are hubs of sales and service activity, with many providing services for businesses facing fluctuating call volumes, staffing shortages, and seasonality concerns. Contact centers are capable of managing services to fit a variety of business needs, including:

  • Seasonal sales that require staffing capacities to be scaled up or down.
  • New product launches or special offers that lead to higher call volumes.
  • Geographic expansions that require in-market hours of operation or new language skills.
  • Emergencies or unplanned events such as product recalls that can increase call volumes and the need for experienced agents to handle calls from unhappy customers.

While these fluctuations are not unusual, they are difficult to plan, staff, and train for cost-effectively. Labor outsourcing is an ideal solution to help meet these challenges, but it often comes with challenges when done using traditional models. CXHub is a business process outsourcing (BPO) marketplace that offers a more effective solution.

The Challenges of Traditional Outsourcing

Traditional outsourcing comes with its challenges, including:

  • The same shortlist of providers. The traditional RFP process is infrequent and outdated, resulting in a shortlist of providers that may dwindle or become stale.
  • A lengthy RFP process. Most requests for proposal (RFP) processes take 6 to 12 weeks or longer to complete.
  • Time-consuming negotiations. There is usually an imbalance of power in the BPO’s favor, leading to extensive redlines during the contracting phase while negotiating.
  • Micromanaging. Traditional outsourcing requires micromanaging key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs) for outsourcing vendors.
  • A lack of control. Ramp times may be slow and depend on follow-throughs from other parties, resulting in long waiting times.

CXHub Takes a Different Approach to Outsourcing

CXHub is a consultative solution that enables businesses to seamlessly respond to their labor needs. With a marketplace of nearly 200 pre-vetted BPOs, CXHub offers a robust talent pool and expert guidance to guarantee the needs of each business are met.

With CXHub, Broadvoice leverages its legacy of serving BPOs to transform the traditional outsourcing model, offering businesses the ability to:

  • Simultaneously cast an RFP to 10 times the usual number of providers who have been pre-vetted to match their specific criteria.
  • Complete the RFP in one-tenth the time with an RFP engine pre-connected to more than 200 BPOs.
  • Use their master services agreement (MSA) or the standard marketplace MSA to expedite contracting.
  • Partner with BPOs, letting marketplace dynamics drive performance and flexibility.
  • Scale operations with greater ease and switch or expand BPO partnerships as needs change.

How CXHub Works for Contact Centers

CXHub is a cost-effective option for outsourcing contact center labor for a variety of situations, including:

  • Overflow calls that aren’t answered because of understaffing, unexpected call increases, or after-hours calls.
  • Planned increases in call volume due to product seasonality, new product launches, or large sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Skills gaps in handling technical, subject-specific, or in-language calls.
  • Performance issues, such as delays in answering calls, extended call waiting periods, and long call-handling times.
  • Personnel issues such as absenteeism, high turnover rates, and re-training.

CXHub relieves these and other staffing challenges by streamlining the outsourcing process. Here’s how it works:

  • The CXHub team kicks off the engagement by determining the scope of the staffing needs.
  • CXHub then maps each requirement to its database of pre-screened BPOs to identify a shortlist of potential providers.
  • CXHub issues an RFP to this shortlist to find the best match for functional and financial requirements.
  • After a BPO is chosen, CXHub will execute the contract and help manage the relationship.
  • CXHub can help increase or decrease capacity with a BPO and enter or exit partnerships.

Broadvoice Can Help Solve Contact Center Challenges

With Broadvoice, contact centers no longer need to worry about staffing demands and fluctuations. The Broadvoice CCaaS cloud-native omnichannel contact center platform enables the existing contact center team to work more cost-effectively, handling more calls with greater personalization, and CXHub offers an easy way to extend the capacity of operations with on-demand outsourcing. Together, these solutions make Broadvoice the go-to partner for improving customer experience in contact centers.

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