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Manufacturers are well on their way to adapting digital-first technologies. According to Deloitte’s 2023 Industry Outlook, manufacturers are increasing their digital investments to enhance their agility in response to supply chain issues, market fluctuations, changing consumer demands, talent shortages, flexible work models, and world events.

One area seeing significant investments is communications and collaboration. Because of their work with internal and external stakeholders and rigorous production schedules, manufacturers need purpose-built communications technology that adds value and is easy to manage.

A cloud based omnichannel contact center solution like Broadvoice CCaaS provides many of the day-to-day functions a manufacturing firm needs while also offering easy deployment, lower costs, greater scalability, and future-proof features.

Cloud Contact Centers are Easy to Deploy and Manage

Cloud contact center solutions — also known as contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions — add value to manufacturing environments quickly and easily. Because CCaaS technology is cloud based, it takes very little time to deploy — it’s often as easy as downloading an app and plugging in a headset. Once the solution is running, managers can create call queues using low-code and no-code drag-and-drop programming interfaces.

Cloud technology also enables manufacturing firms to operate from anywhere at any time. This means remote and hybrid agents can log in from any internet-enabled device and begin handling inbound and outbound interactions as usual with no setup required.

Managing CCaaS solutions is simple, allowing internal IT resources to focus on more critical issues. A partner like Broadvoice guarantees the most up-to-date contact center technology backed by a team of developers and customer success managers.

Cloud Contact Centers Cost Less to Own and Operate

A CCaaS solution like Broadvoice CCaaS provides virtually everything manufacturers need for an effective, productivity-enhancing contact center solution, and the “as a service” subscription-based delivery model means there aren’t any upfront capital costs.

CCaaS solutions also cost less to maintain because updates and patches are handled by a managed service provider (MSP) and are included in the subscription, giving manufacturers the most up-to-date functionalities.

Cloud Contact Centers are Scalable and Customizable

Customization is one of the key benefits of a CCaaS solution, and it starts with the ability to scale for seasonal operations and changes in demand. Broadvoice CCaaS offers surge licensing, which allows manufacturers to scale up to add more agents and scale down when needed, so they only pay for what they need.

Cloud contact center solutions are customizable to fit the firm’s size, scope, and functionality. Administrators and managers can program and edit call queues and scripts in real-time, so agents answer calls quickly and interactions are efficient.

Cloud Contact Centers Offer Future-Proof Functionalities

Cloud contact center technology enables manufacturing firms to access new features and functions without researching, sourcing, managing, and funding a technology upgrade.

Here are just a few of the features available with Broadvoice CCaaS:

  • Omnichannel functionality. Communicate with stakeholders where and how they prefer: call, chat, social media, and more. Interaction records are retained across all channels in a centralized repository so agents don’t lose context, and conversations can pick up where they left off, regardless of the communication channel.
  • Scripting tools. Broadvoice CCaaS has advanced scripting tools that enable manufacturers to create, edit, and activate scripts using an easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Advanced call routing. Easily adjust call routing for inbound calls and messages by adjusting queues based on time, day, and agent availability.
  • Analytics and reporting. Assess agent performance using call recordings, historical call data, and real-time analytics to enhance quality control.

Cloud Contact Centers Transform Communications for Manufacturers

Manufacturers looking to enhance their daily operations and customer experience with an investment in technology should consider a CCaaS solution like Broadvoice CCaaS that offers the full functionality of an enterprise contact center with the flexibility, scalability, and affordability of a subscription service.

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